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H.A.M.M.Y Code

H.A.M.M.Y Code Rule and Guide.
ID Requests, we are always pleased to see members finds and share in your excitement. However, please consider the HAMMY code below if you also wish to have a good ID. This top class free service is provided by other forum members and they need as much INFORMATION as possible. Many of us struggle with the technical side of taking pictures and loading them onto a post, so and here is just one of the excellent help topic that should make life easier! Image Guide
Your special find should be special to us all. Happy hunting, Forum Staff.

H - Have at least two good sized clear photos, this is Mandatory.
A - About your detecting day, type of land, depth found.
M - Measure items by doing the pics next to a scale or ruler. this is Mandatory.
M - Machine used? settings? interesting to other users.
Y - You will always get a better ID if you supply more information.

*PLEASE NOTE: Use of a modern coin or written dimensions no longer qualify as a "scale". We need a properly-defined measure - metric or good old-fashioned inches will do.