Minelab Safari help!!!

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Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by Gilly » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:42 pm

Hi everyone hope you can help coming from AT pro to safari its my first Minelab. Want to love it but at the moment absolutely hate it. All I find is mainly big arse bits of iron only good find is one sliver six pence by luck a few week back then back to more iron. Read the manual back to front. Watched loads of vids on YouTube. Used in conductive & ferrous crosssaved both way. Now going to stick with conductive sounds in all metal mode low tones for Hammy, Gold. High tones for Copper, Silver & high screeched for iron if I'am right. But still pulling big iron at 20 on the Safari screen with a low tone. I honesty don't know what the hell is going wrong the only good thing is no coke at all not like the AT pro. But no real goodies either ;;z Help !!!

Thanks all >:D<

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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by sprailroad » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:00 pm

Old Gil, just read your post. I also have both the AT Pro, and the Safari. When I first started to use the Safari, I like many others, was not so happy with it, first, the sounds. They took some getting use to, made me crazy in fact, ended up going back to the AT. Having said that, I began reading a lot of Safari forums, also, I bought a 5x8 SEF butterfly coil (Which is GREAT), and really started to work with this Safari. It IS now my go to machine. I really started to pay attention to the numbers in regard to the sounds, target's both good and bad. I always hunt in Relic mode, and have gotten use to that one. No matter what machine you use, you will ALWAYS dig junk. More often than not, things in the minus might be iron etc. Hence, the Relic mode. I got to where I would not dig things below say 14, thought being nickel's and my ring came in 14 to 15. Well, I was wrong. I now find nickel's as low as 11, and I'm sure because they were on edge. But never anything below 11, because it was always "Junk", such as pieces of cans, wads of foil, and I mean Always, or so I THOUGHT. Again I was wrong, every so often I would dig a solid 10, JUST to confirm what I knew, Junk, or again, what I THOUGHT I knew. Dug a solid 10, and up popped a nice ring. Back to the drawing board. I have since learned that some small gold rings or plat. can be in that range. The large coil more sen. then I thought, and most times, use the smaller coil, with really little or no loss of depth. The iron? Well it's a judgement call, if you receive two sounds, very low and mid to high, could very well be two items side by side, Dig. Again, I hunt in relic, w/auto sen, and now dig from 9 or 10 and up. I now dig what will most likely be pull tabs and foil, but that's simply the nature of the alloy, SO close to gold. Point is, do not give up on it, it really is a great machine, just took alittle time. I DO recommend a smaller coil, and work with it. Again, It is now my "go to" machine. AND, if you can get Andy's book on the Safari, it will help. One more thing, "air test". I did a number of air test on 3 different machines, Minelab X-Terra 70,Garrett AT Pro, and the Safari. was disappointed in the Safari, UNTILL I learned that a single Freq. machine as opposed to a "Full Band Spec." are two different animals, FBS does not respond well in air test, good for idea on number readout though. The amount of targets you dig depending on sound and numbers is up to you and how long your knees and legs will take it, but stick with it, it is Different then the AT, it's like starting all over again, it is just that. Your not alone. I hope this may have been more help than not. I feel as I have taken up to much space already, but I think wherever we are, the U.K. or the U.S. and everywhere else, we are pretty much cut from the same cloth, the love of the hobby. A quote from Andy Sabisch's book pretty much sums it all up, it being "The most valuable thing I have ever found while treasure hunting is piece-of-mind"
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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by beachboy70 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:02 pm

Hi old gil. I also have done the change from the AT pro to the Safari but i still have the AT, at the moment i prefer the AT on the dry ( i mostly do beaches ) as it gives more clues as to the object but that might change in time. In the wet / damp the Safari is much better as hardly any bad signals no chatter like the AT, i have tried the manual setting on the wet and found it unstable going from wet to damp / dry so mostly use auto to make life easy. have also tried different settings like you and found a/m or relic with only a little discrim.on but i am on the wet so much different to land. Iron is a problem with most machines as the readings can be so different.The AT is very good at telling you the info thats where its better. I think getting the the grip of the Minelabs can take some time ( i am 6 months into learning mine ) so its just time issue, but thats my feelings. HH beachboy 70

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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by jcmaloney » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:09 pm

Full tones, no discrimination and use your ears. Audio is a much more accurate representation of what is in the ground than numbers.
Numbers are the machines "next best guess". Human ears are streets ahead.
Minelab FBS machines have multi-frequency & multi-tones so why restrict them by turning things off? ::g

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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by sweepstick47 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:18 pm

jcmaloney wrote:Full tones, no discrimination and use your ears. Audio is a much more accurate representation of what is in the ground than numbers.
Numbers are the machines "next best guess". Human ears are streets ahead.
Minelab FBS machines have multi-frequency & multi-tones so why restrict them by turning things off? ::g
Very good points, well put 'Jcm' ::g Regards ss47
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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by fred » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:37 pm

The first thing to get the hang of with Minelabs is the swing speed. Get it wrong and they will howl and squeal and generally annoy the hell out of you. Remember that if you use auto or lower sensitivity to stabilise the machine you are sacrificing performance and particularly depth. I suggest that you practice by first holding the searchhead still and the start to move it very slowly indeed and pay attention to how you change direction at the end of each swing. Eventually you should be able to move it smoothly backwards and forwards without all the chatter.

Once you can do this then use maximum sensitivity, swing low and slow and dig everything repeatable until you can identify junk by the signal it gives rather than the readout. Particularly investigate all faint signals beyond the depth of the numbers or the sounds as they they will mostly be deep keepers or 'near misses'.


Best of luck ::g

PS I generally have iron as low tones and everything else as higher tones but do remember that deep signals don't respect these settings.

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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by Gilly » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:41 pm

Thanks lads great help. Got hold of the minelab quattro and safari handbook by Andy Sabisch opened my eyes great book should be sold with every Safari. Think I will stick with the Safari. (Learn it)
Keep it low & slow. Cheers again lads

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Re: Minelab Safari help!!!

Post by Resurgam » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:22 pm

Good point Old Gil; the Sabisch book "should" come with every Safari and Quatro sold. In the early days of swinging the Safari I found it was like being given language lessons by R2D2; nearly threw the darned thing in a pond! ;))
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