old man and the Zodiac

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leslie(nova scotia)
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old man and the Zodiac

Post by leslie(nova scotia) » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:44 pm

Free to do that which he craved. Detecting! Clouds moving. Each could be seen to take on a shape. A dog, tree and a map of Alberta glided across the sky with the aid of a strong northerly wind. The old man then looked earthward casting his coil from left to right. The cold crept into his bones. A melody of melancholy memories like the clouds in the sky came and went. A signal bringing the old man back to the present. Would could it be? Stooping the old man retrieved the target which was in the shape of a bull. The first sign. One that was not his as he was a Gemini. More coins. Another sign. That of Aries. Finds. A few more coins. The old man felt it in his heart that today was not the day. No quota would be had. He headed homeward stopping for a coffee. Served by a young lad. Very nervous as this was probably his first job. Concentration played on his face as his index finger traced the register looking for the right key. The old man showed great patience as those behind him in the line up muttered unkind chants under their collective voices. We all had to crawl before that first step. The coffee eventually came whereas the old man softly said "Thank you" to his server. Turning towards the others in the line the old man put on a hard face silencing the impatient. Once home the old man opened the door and was greeted by his reason for being. Treasure!
Hidden message in this story from one word sentences.
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Re: old man and the Zodiac

Post by fred » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:59 pm

Still not too bad at all. ::g My treasure will come tomorrow from a boot fair field. Finds, mostly junk, are usually so prolific that my knees hurt by lunchtime. :D
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