Spanish silver plus 2 Canuck ones

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leslie(nova scotia)
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Spanish silver plus 2 Canuck ones

Post by leslie(nova scotia) » Tue May 08, 2018 10:14 pm

Dropped Marie off at work at 0550hrs. and just keep on driving. Nogo was moving like silk with its new tires plus Hunny Bunny had given me an early birthday MP3 filled with about 130 of my fav songs ranging from Johnny Cash, to Pavarotti. to Black Sabbath, to John Lee Hooker, Enigma , Dione Warwick to Gordon Lightfoot to Yoshida Brothers. Mister man I was ready to drive to Peru as long as the music was playing.

Arrived at one of my farm permissions...then a deep Bluenoser moment hit me. Was I becoming a S.F /F.F bi digaholic? Sports fields with the Freedom 3 Plus for quota or farmer's fields with the Pro for oldies....Lord love a duck.

Still was thinking on that one as I hit a field that I had previously ignored. Um. Steady 82 on the Pro. Navy Davy was not with me with his extra shovel so I used the lesche which took a halibut lot more effort. Out popped a 1799 2 real Spanish silver. Not quota but I'll take it. Shortly thereafter a 1906 Canuck dime (second 1906 dime in a week) followed by a 1918 one. A few pieces of junk then a large copper that is rather toasty but has a few letters left on it...Nov.........easy to figure that one out and a musket ball.

With all the walking, swinging and holes thought for a tad that I was on one of those "golf course places." Did do at least 18 holes.

Had to beat feet as Hunny Bunny was off at two. Lame excuse....knees were knackered anyway.

Once home it was time to make the chili. One alarm for her and 5 for me. That should clear any of the Dominican Dash Dancing left in my system.
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Re: Spanish silver plus 2 Canuck ones

Post by sweepstick47 » Tue May 08, 2018 10:59 pm

...and all embellished with a welcome piece of Spanish silver ::g Well done. Regards ss47
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Re: Spanish silver plus 2 Canuck ones

Post by fred » Wed May 09, 2018 4:14 am

Well done again. ::g Quota is nice sometimes but you can't beat old silver (except old gold :D ).
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