meditation with Quota Guru

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leslie(nova scotia)
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meditation with Quota Guru

Post by leslie(nova scotia) » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:09 am

Optional soundtrack

Day off although my saab was still working very much. Only one ship in port.

It was with most sadness that my best Sakha was not of feeling well. I told him I would light an incense and pray to Lakeshmi (Hindu Goddess of fortune and good health) for his recovery. I took the time to light one for my own as I was much eager to take Quota Guru out into the vast blue sky hoping beyond hope that Ganesha (Hindu God of good luck) would join me.

My wife of many good virtues and dishes of devine taste prepared a meal of curried sardines over saag. No holy cow for this varna shudras!

Out into the most pleasant of day to cleanse my soul with the sound of Quota Guru. A turn of the knob resounded with three most devine bell tones of music that once heard relaxes. I most suddenly spied....a bag. A bag that was full of happiness!
But alas the bag held nothing but emptiness. The chant mantra of Quota Guru sounded bringing much joy and peace to my soul.

Quota Guru was true to it's faith. Quota which will be added to the "back to the UK Fund." The country that India and this colonial are now independent of.

This included a false ring of metal men seek and a coin from the land said above which will be taken over the great ocean to spend.

The night of meditation will be completed with some light reading from the Kamasutra.

To all who have read this post peace and joy. SHookrea (phonetic spelling of India word for thank you).
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Re: meditation with Quota Guru

Post by sweepstick47 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:36 am

Well done that looks like a successful detecting session. ::g I have to add, that the reading of the Kamasutra followed by a bout of meditation seems to miss the point somewhat :D Regards ss47
A disservice is no service at all in my book ::g

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