"Bucket" list gone to the dwags

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leslie(nova scotia)
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"Bucket" list gone to the dwags

Post by leslie(nova scotia) » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:05 am

See I told you so!
Anyway hit a few playing fields and mister man it was hot.

Got attacked today by a fighter wing of Tojo's Kamikaze Horseflies which were continually strafing me hoping to take a nip of my tasty flesh. Think it must have been the yellow dog face hat that I was wearing that attracted them.

Was rapidly melting, drooling over myself and
sore. Old war wound from a previous battle was still bugging the heck out of me.

With the horseflies diving at me, my strength just about gone it sort of reminded me of that scene from "Hacksaw Ridge' where the medic was lowering the wounded marines over a cliff and saying ..."Lord please one more. Just one more."
Finally the last two coins where found to make quota. This dogface was heading home. I didn't kick the bucket on this campaign!
I'ze a tinking dat iffen Hunny Bunny looks in Nogo's trunk not ever seal Team 6 will be able to save me!

On a brighter note yesterday I received a parcel from a USA detecting company that I have never dealt with or heard of....two hats from a major detector company that cannot be named. Sad when a dealer sends you a hat and not the mother company! (cannot name the company on some forum sponsored sites, see the post on facebook).

Since it was shark week on tv....you got it I stayed out of the water swinging Quota Guru for the day.

Now a word from our sponsor!

Detectorists do you feel run down after a day's dig? Do your legs feel cramped, your swinging arm numb?

Send today for your sample bottle of our "medicine' which I will personally guaranty will but the spring back in your step.

Yes Digaholics Delirium Delight is the answer. One bottle will cure all ailments. Two will totally make you unconscious for that deep needed sleep. If you see the photo for this miracle cure and it looks horizontal please call immediately. Try today! Don't delay. Phone....1-800 I need help!

Side effects include dizziness. slurred speech, blurred vision, vomiting and occasional morning sickness.

This product is not approved by.................any agency!
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Re: "Bucket" list gone to the dwags

Post by Koala » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:43 am

Bucket list gone to the dwags :D :D I am sure they are getting worse

Well done. Nice haul of coins ::g

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