Freedom 3 Plus still a ............

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leslie(nova scotia)
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Freedom 3 Plus still a ............

Post by leslie(nova scotia) » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:00 pm

My God it felt good. Was on a high which was not a result of meds or booze but life itself. Think this had more to do with the call from my witch doctor who told me that my yearly medical tests proved and I quote,"At least you are alive." Gee thanks doc! First quota of the 2018 season. In February too boot. The old Freedom 3 Plus was a purring as well as shining like a
Of course the swinger of that great machine was more like a burnt out nova! Anyway managed 4 over quota along with a Brit 2 pence(might be a sign of where I am going next fall) as well as a quarter size token from "Hopewell Rocks." May have to Google that one.
Anyway a few pittance added to the "whatever fund."
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Dave The Slave
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Re: Freedom 3 Plus still a ............

Post by Dave The Slave » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:29 pm

Well done Leslie ! First quota of the year.
For the new members to the Forum, when Leslie says "Quota " it means 50 coins. :D
British 2p coin, make sure it`s not a 1983. NEW was dropped from 2p in 1982 but some were accidentally made in 1983 and are worth Quota +++.
Cheers ::g
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Re: Freedom 3 Plus still a ............

Post by Saffron » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:07 pm

Well done on the news from the Witch Doctor that "At least you are alive" as it would be rather worrying to be told otherwise :D

Sorry but I fell for it and had to look up "Hopewell Rocks" -
The Hopewell Rocks, also called the Flowerpots Rocks or simply The Rocks, are rock formations caused by tidal erosion in The Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site in New Brunswick. They stand 40–70 feet tall.
Lots more information on line and its well worth looking at some of the pictures of the rock formations.

Glad you managed over quota for the holiday fund, and if it is to the UK you even have 2p ready to spend - not that it will get you much!.


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