Treasure Trove Scotland soooo slow.

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Treasure Trove Scotland soooo slow.

Post by Raptorman »

I live in Scotland and I have reported several finds to the TT unit via email but I have never received a response other than one email saying they were busy moving offices. Does anyone else in Scotland get an answer from them or is it just me ?

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Re: Treasure Trove Scotland soooo slow.

Post by Staggie »

not had to use them yet with all the agro trash im getting just now, but I think the next meeting is in December., you get an ack then thats it, nothing else till they decide.

good luck
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Re: Treasure Trove Scotland soooo slow.

Post by 12GoldBars »

Hello Raptorman
Yes they are quite slow. It seems they are always moving offices. I found a Fob Seal in June 2017 and didn't hear from them until April 2018, finally got the reward in Oct 2018 and they couldn't even tell me which museum in Scotland it was going in which disappointed me somewhat.

I also found an item earlier this year, took photos and e-mailed them etc and was told to send it in which I duly did. I didn't even get an acknowledgement that they received it.

I think its just best you keep on at them. Hope it goes well. Thanks

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Re: Treasure Trove Scotland soooo slow.

Post by Lowland »

Hi raptorman,last time I was up dropping finds in -the office looked very busy.
To be fair,The staff Couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating ::g
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