meanwhile in Norfolk

Please post all topics here related to the research and gaining permission to metal detect.
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meanwhile in Norfolk

Post by kenleyboy » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:47 pm

I am curious to know whether I hold the record for consistent Yes then No permission rejections . I say this in a lighthearted manner as to be truthful , I have had so many rejections I have now reached that stage where it is like water of a ducks back and no longer hurts !
I have tried it all , bit of letter writing , email and some door knocking all met with a variety of reactions , some polite and others not so but all come down to the much feared "No"!

I have to date had four confident "Yes" answers , as we all know the Euphoria is something else , after all the hardwork , pride being dented , the rejections etc , to hear that magical word makes it all worth while . The downside is , and in my mind the incredible injustice of it all is a sudden unexpected change of mind .

When I first experienced this I likened it to those far off days of a misspent youth , when your best mates with prettiest of pretty girls , all your mates fancy her but you are King cos you are her best buddy . Deep down you fancy her as well but read all the innocent flirtations completely wrong and after much thought and deliberation you finally pluck up enough courage to ask her the heart murmuring question that will change your life forever ," Will you go out with me ?"
You know you have said the wrong thing when the expression changes to utter contempt and you hear those words "Urgh , no chance , now go away "and thats it , your world falls apart !
We used to call it being "Chucked" , a word I now use on a regular basis when I return home and those ever expectant and hopeful eyes your wife and Kids give you after returning from yet another unfruitful search for permissions . "Any luck ?" they ask ever hopeful , "Nah , chucked again".

My latest rejection at first was going rather sweet .I had stopped off at the local farm shop , got chatting to the owner about her ancient property and she pointed out some rather quaint bottles which were embedded into the wall as decoration . It looked impressive but as I also have a passion for bottles I was wondering how nice they would have looked on my shelf rather than being wedged into some concrete . I mentioned my bottle passion and in no time at all she disappeared indoors and returned with an early example of an Edwardian Champion Slee bottle in minty condition . Things were looking good when she gave it to me . I then asked about local farmers and she pointed me in the direction of one such farm which she was sure would allow detecting .
Off I went with high hopes , the wife came to the door , I introduced myself by name and then got on with asking if there was a possibility there may be some land available for use .
Yes indeed there was , I was given his mobile number as he was out with the dogs .
Feeling rather upbeat , the day was going well , proper chuffed I gave it a couple of hours for him to get back home , settle down with a cuppa and his wife hopefully would tell him I was due to call regarding some detecting .
I rang , he answered, I asked and he said "No" . Surprisingly I have yet to feel downhearted , I must be toughening up .

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Re: meanwhile in Norfolk

Post by thefiggis » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:50 pm

Sorry to hear of your woes, but you seem to be of a positive frame of mind and hopefully the 'yesses' will start to come. In all likelihood you'll get several at once.

Best of luck.
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Re: meanwhile in Norfolk

Post by Oxgirl36 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:01 pm

Farmers are tough nuts to crack I've found. Getting permission requires a strategic approach.
1. You can do the softly, softly bird catches worm approach and become friendly down the pub, at the farm shop or wherever there's an opportunity to get friendly for a few weeks/ months (even a year or more) before asking for permission.
2. Then there's the smallholder with a couple of horses or similar and a few acres who are a little easier to get quickly if you offer to let them see and have whatever finds you have. They want to know the lands history and allow detecting because even a Vickie penny creates awe and wonder.
3. There's also the farmers wife approach, becoming friends at the school gate and getting them to agree, making it difficult for the husband to say no. This works paticularly well if you link it with an educational visit to the school with the finds. It's a cheeky one but it can work.
4.The other approach is to create a financial reward - I'm not keen on this myself (sets a bad starting point and they'll all expect it) but you offer to pay say £50 a month for the privilege of detecting on their land. Can be linked to fundraising for a local cause/ pet charity which makes it more palatable.
5. And then there's the research and going in for the kill approach which can get permissions but with a very high reject rate. They can get lots of requests every month (my local farmer gets around 10 on a paticularly heavy month) and most will say no. Reject rates can be improved if you target one area/ field and offer to do a 1 month trial, rather than being permanent.

It's rubbish when you get a yes and then no outcome, and I really feel for you. I've not had that yet thankfully - they've been a straight no instead :E - but I've used approach 1 mainly and my reject rate is low. I've found being a dog owner gets me lots of new friends with land and they are happy to let me detect because they know me. One farmer I've got a 3-5 year plan in progress but, even then, I've not got high hopes. He has a dog, who hates mine >:P ; his wife is a miserable woman ;;z s;.. ; he is rich and doesn't need money and he has a no detecting policy which he's never softened on yet. BUT I like a challenge :) s;..

You'll find something that works. Once you do cherish :;@ your permission owner and you'll get more from their recommendation.

Good luck ::g
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Re: meanwhile in Norfolk

Post by kenleyboy » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:30 pm

Thank you both thefiggis and oxgirl for your replies and some sound advice .It can be disheartening when it initially is a yes , you think you have cracked it only to get a no later . I would much prefer a straight forward No and thats that , end of and move on .As time has gone on though , it becomes easier , even as far as knocking on doors which is always a little nerve racking , but its all a learning curve .Four yes/no knockbacks in a row is pretty awesome!
I do have one permission but thats a 5 hour round trip so I only get on that when time permits once or twice a year . I have another small permission but it really is limited to when I can gain access its local but I can only get on that a couple of times a year .
My local Farmer is ok and does allow me to walk his land with my two dogs , thats a start yet locals have told me that he would not allow it . I have yet to ask but would rather wait until the crop is off than chance a possible yes now and only for him to possibly have time to dwell on it and say No nearer the time .
The saving grace is I have access to a couple of very good bottle dumps so this keeps me occupied and the top half of my garden which is not a bad size has given up some interesting items from medieval to Victorian . The original land once belonged to a 16th century drovers pub so I have been busy but as yet have failed to be able to upload any images .
I am sure I will get lucky eventually with some permissions .

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