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Permission tips?

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:37 am
by LedburyGuy33
I'm struggling at the moment with permission.

I bought the detector as something I could use at least once a week to fill my time as I struggle with various mental health problems. I did a lot of research beforehand and living in the countryside thought where there's a will, there's a way.

The big issue is with all the red tape. Forestry commission...No. Council.... No. The council have annoyed me a bit though. As before buying the detector I read on their own site, to quote:

"If you choose to metal detect other than as part of an organised project then:".... "Permission must be sort from Herefordshire Council before operating on any Council or Public Land.". Great right? As that means it's not impossible for an individual to be granted permission...Wrong.... The answer is a flat out no.

I probably should have researched it a bit more by asking them but a few weeks ago I saw someone detecting on a former cricket pitch field just down the road in broad daylight with what appeared to be some pretty decent gear. It turns out they wouldn't have had permission as it's council owned. A bit rubbish as that land is filled with dog mess and the field next to it has a kids play area where kids often dig holes to make "mud pies".

What next? I've appealed on Facebook groups. Exhausted possibilities with local landowners.

A group? But I can't commit to anything as I don't drive and it's a struggle to integrate with the mental health problems.

I do have permission on 1 field overall from a landowner but I can only get there once every 6 weeks or so when a support worker visits as they can drive there.

The detector is sadly back in it's box ready to be sent back to Amazon, but I've got a few weeks before the return deadline so will keep trying to find something local and within walking distance.