Beach H&S

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Beach H&S

Post by Saffron » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:16 am

sweepstick47 posted the following warning on another thread. -

Re the Blackpool beach, low tide leaves quite a big expanse of beach to detect so when at the water's edge keep one eye on the incoming tide as it can move at quite a pace.

The same applies to a lot of beaches that I know in the South West, eg Weston Super Mare, Burnham and Brean, not only this but these types of beaches also have large areas of sinking mud.

Any time you are detecting this type of beach be very careful and ensure you know the tide times and have a mobile phone for if the worst should happen.

The above might seem very obvious but sadly every year lives are lost on these types of beaches due to people being caught out by the tides and mud.


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Re: Beach H&S

Post by Phil2401 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:25 pm

Excellent advice - applies to most beaches. May seem a bit of overkill, but standard procedure if going alone - no different really to going sailing offshore and you inform the coastguard - let someone know when and where you're going and expect to be back and arrange to call them every hour or so to confirm that all is OK. Some beaches such as Morecambe are notoriously treacherous unless you know exactly where to go and when. Another one - Southport - can't even see the sea when the tide is out, but the tide can run quicker than you.

All common sense really.

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Re: Beach H&S

Post by Koala » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:26 pm

Funnily enough I was in Blackpool on Sunday but not detecting.

There was some low areas that filled up with water. You need to keep an eye out both towards the sea and the shore. It would be very easy to get stranded on an island as the sea fills up behind you.

I've mentioned this before. Don't walk in a straight line if your detecting on your own. Its easy for someone to sneak up behind you. Walk 20 or so paces one direction and come back. That way you get to see what's going on all around you.

Don't know about Blackpool but there is a lot drug abuse on some of our coast in the NW. A spade over the shoulder and an eye out normally keeps them at bay. Probably not such a big deal during the day.

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