Farm Permission finds ID

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*PLEASE NOTE: Use of a modern coin or written dimensions no longer qualify as a "scale". We need a properly-defined measure - metric or good old-fashioned inches will do.
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Farm Permission finds ID

Post by kenleyboy » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:30 am

farm sunday 1.jpg
Had a few hours out yesterday afternoon and decided to stick to one area of the ploughed field and apart from the usual scrap I was lucky to retrieve these items as above . The very worn coin 1st top left I am pretty sure is a George 11 half penny as I can just about make out a bust . Coin is very thin but no date as is the same with the George 111 penny .
The thimbles were nice to find , I have had three off here so far as well as the usual buttons .The metal plate with rivets gave a good strong signal .

The items I would like an ID for would be the heart shaped piece of lead and same size as a 10p piece and has an odd raised line to the rear . I doubt it is of any significance but does looked worked .
farm sunday heart.jpg
farm sunday heart 2.jpg
The last item for ID is this odd circular piece which appears to have a raised design on the surface . It is hard to see but looks like a "V" with a cluster of thistles or similar . Not a lot to go on so a tough one and once again most lily nothing of any note .Once again same size as a 10p piece and quite heavy for its size .
farm sunday 2.jpg
Thanks in advance .
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Re: Farm Permission finds ID

Post by Lowland » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:46 am

There is a heart shaped lead weight on the PAS but it’s about 5 centimetres top to bottom
Maybe a smaller version :-/
They have it down as post medieval
I like the look of the livery button as well
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Re: Farm Permission finds ID

Post by Steve_T » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:01 pm

The metal plate with rivets looks like a possible pot repair? I have just come back from the FLO after picking up some finds, I showed him a similar object and confirmed as a repair to a container or pot and said worth recording.

A nice selection of finds you have also

Regards Steve
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