lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

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lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

Post by HolzHammer »

Evening All,
Had a go on a new field ( to me) yesterday, disced wheat, Herts, though it has been quite heavily detected over the years I fear... couple of georgian coppers and the odd button but several "tokens" ( 7 in all) in a very close area... these four are the best of 'em. The bottom right seems to be a heart and maybe an arrow through it and is thicker - the ones on the right are very thin.... and I am not sure of the metal of the other bit - it is quite pitted and cylindrical but tapering obviously.
Hard to date this field though I think there were signs of Roman pottery (rims of vessels) and I have been told there may be a site on it though most signs of this are probably long gone these days (#rats). Anyway its always nice and exciting to get the chance to get a different view every now and again and proves that there may always be stuff to find. Oh and right at the end of my session I found the buckle... and a jolly nice and tactile one at that (even though I say so myself hem hem!)
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Re: lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

Post by Atral »

I've had some success IDing / dating lead tokens by searching through the ones found in my local area on finds.org. If you use the advanced search feature, you can filter by parish and you might find something. Or tell us your local parish and we can look for you ;)

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Re: lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

Post by Oxgirl36 »

The buckles 15-16th century and very nice :D Lovely tokens ::g
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Re: lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

Post by TheAndyA »

That Buckle is a very nice find. I don't have a clue as to what the curved object may be, but it does look interesting.
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Re: lead tokens and curvey bronze and a buckle

Post by Lowland »

An unusual group of tokens and a smashing buckle ::g
The curvy object is a mystery to me ::g
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