Coins or not and next steps?

Please post any finds here that you wish help with identification.
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H - Have at least two good sized clear photos, this is Mandatory
A - About your detecting day, type of land, depth found.
M - Measure items by doing the pics next to a scale or ruler. this is Mandatory
M - Machine used? settings? interesting to other users.
Y - You will always get a better ID if you supply more information.

*PLEASE NOTE: Use of a modern coin or written dimensions no longer qualify as a "scale". We need a properly-defined measure - metric or good old-fashioned inches will do.
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Re: Coins or not and next steps?

Post by WVAM » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:31 am

Thanks Incognito - all makes sense. All of the general field muck is off the coins and from around the edges. Trying to do anything else would damage them.
I think there's a good chance I won't be seeing the coins again (FLO, landowner, tenant farmer) but on the off chance I get to keep them I'll have a chat with some colleagues to see if there's anything that can be done to separate them. Fingers crossed the owner and tenant would prefer a 1958 shilling and broken crotal bell :D - I doubt it.

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