James 1 shilling /groat

Please tell us a little about your finds and if possible add a few pictures.
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James 1 shilling /groat

Post by kenleyboy » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:37 pm

With the predicted forecast of rain all day today , I took the opportunity while the weather was in good order to have four hours on my permission yesterday afternoon and despite the wind it was still relatively warm .
For a change I chose to use my old faithful Ace 250 with Tornado coil which I had not used for some time and I wanted to travel light as I could and not be hindered with head phones etc. I know for some that the ear splitting "ding dong" emitted from the 250 is not the most pleasant of noises but I personally quite like it and I was on my own far from anyone so the noise was not a problem .

My kit was sparse , small trowel , pinpointer , bottle of water , the optimistic finds box and the ever present bag of wine gums all fitted neatly into the various pockets of my body warmer . The 250 minus headphones and my trusty spade and I was kitted up ready to go .

For there record my settings on the Ace was Relic mode , one discrimination off the Iron and one notch off the sensitivity . Ground was soft with just a thin dry crust on the surface but underneath was sandy soil and damp so ideal for digging .

Once again buttons played a role alongside bits of lead and a few annoying bottle caps and moo tubes . The first good signal came about halfway up the field which rises to a steady incline .
As with the 250 , the icon stayed steady at the "silver" mode on the top right of the screen with the inevitable "ding dong" which 9 times out of 10 is usually a coin and so it was , a very pleasing George 11 1772 in good condition .

Pennies and such like tend to be in good readable condition , it is not so with the smaller coins though which are almost always toasted or completely blank so it was a nice surprise to find a smaller coin in good order on my next signal . I could see some lettering which read "farthing" and the date of "1668 "on the coin and to the reverse what appeared to be a shield design of sorts .It was fairly crusty so would have to wait until I got home for some gentle cleaning .

So far so good and being somewhat pleased with my finds I continued to walk in as straight a line as possible towards the end of the field . Along the way I managed a few more buttons , and four tarpaulin rings which always sound good as does the bits of lead and aluminium fragments .
Amongst this rubbish I was soon to be pleasantly surprised . I had been on the field for a good couple of hours so could afford half hour in the far corner field before making my way back to this spot and then work my way back to the car . While on the small field I had my nagging doubts of being there and really I should not have gone astray and just stayed put for the last couple of hours on the main field and after four ring pulls and some silver foil I decided to go back . It was a good decision !

Back in the main field I had a scratchy signal although it was steady flashing over the ring pull icon on the screen which usually are never a sign of a good target yet on this occasion it is a lesson learned to dig everything even when in doubt . Up came best find of the day and one I almost ignored and there in the soil was what I think is a James 1 shilling or groat , perhaps once again the expertise of Allectus can prove either way .Approxiamtely 18 mm diameter.
face saturday.jpg
tails saturday.jpg
The Farthing proved easier to identify once cleaned and turns out to be post medieval charles 11 "Kings Lyn " [ spelt with one "N" ] Farthing 1668 . Copper alloy 21 mm diameter . To the rear within the shield are three figures and researching proves there are conflicting descriptions as what the figures are . Some describe them as Dragons , Pig heads or Eel heads , each one has a small spearhead above open mouths of the beasts .
The item to the right is a mystery , I though initially it was a spoon head but not sure .

The spoil of an afternoons detecting .
group finds saturday afternoon.jpg
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I walk , I dig , I find ....naff all !

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Re: James 1 shilling /groat

Post by knotalot » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:57 pm

Well done some nice finds ::g you have been a busy boy what with bottle digging and detecting
i think the James is a half groat first coinage 1603-4 and possibly the unknown item to the right is part of a draw drop handle (upside down in picture) i like the farthing i found a similar one mine had eel`s on it ::g
Good luck by the way i loved the pig in the blanket in your other post

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Re: James 1 shilling /groat

Post by thefiggis » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:00 pm

The item to the right is a broken teardrop drawer pull
Essential equipment:
Some sort of electrical gubbins(I'm told it's a Deus). In various colours

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Re: James 1 shilling /groat

Post by Dave The Slave » Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:01 pm

That was a good detecting session away from the bottles, nicely described in your write up.
Tarpaulin rings give a very clear signal, which could be a coin until dug, had a few of these earlier this year.
Well done ::g
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