New Years Day silver hoard!

Please tell us a little about your finds and if possible add a few pictures.
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New Years Day silver hoard!

Post by Easylife » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:15 am

Just my first dig of 2019 and struck silver, but not so good! Lot's of silver in fact, but all bleedin' aluminium!
Well I've done enough battle with my green wasted fields in 2018, so guess it's time to seek pastures new so to speak for 2019. It's a real shame about my green wasted fields as that is where the older Iron Age/ Roman finds have been and no doubt some more still hiding there. But enough is enough, I've endured it, it almost broke me, I took a fresh approach but really think that I am now a bit over it.
Fortunately I still have a lot of clean undetected pasture in a very pleasant location though finds are generally not too old on it but it's always very enjoyable to search and there is still often the odd nice surprise. In fact I've only had just 2 hammies off this 140 acres of pasture in 2 years, so it would seem that the detecting gods are are kind of toying with me? Okay, there was a gun money shilling also which was a pretty cool rare find but still really feel a bit short changed so far. Even so a few hundred other coins have so far come from near the two long footpaths but coins are quite seldom these days though usually a few show up. Searching in the less obvious places seems to throw up some good interesting bits also, so it's all game really. I think this land's gonna last me a fair old while yet.
On the other land I even highlighted the amount of freaking aluminium waste to my farmer in a polite way, and it was taken well. A kind of tender subject to tread that could really go either way! But it was all good, I just pointed it out in case he was not aware of the crap that he was contaminating his land with. I'm not happy with it but there's no use complaining after the fact, but having mentioned it, it may be taken on board. The stuff was eyes only on the pasture but also quite deep too.
I also do my club digs, but the land is usually pretty tired, even so I've maybe had about 10 hammies and a few Roman from those in 2018, hardly spectacular but to be honest I probably enjoy it more on my clean pasture rather than generally searching for what often seems like the last remaining find on the field.
I thought I better get some of my rants out of the way before getting into 2019 proper.
Anyways onwards and upwards.
My New Year's resolution – seek out some new uncontaminated land and find some good stuff. :D
Wishing you all great finds in 2019.

Here's another show, January 1689, made from melted down cannons and bells.
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Re: New Years Day silver hoard!

Post by thefiggis » Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:50 am

Blimey. You might say that coin almost has your name on it :D

I feel your pain, chap. I got a juicy permission which has turned out to be full of the stuff ;;z But the area around the (very old) house is only about an acre or so and it might be worth putting the time in to clear out the junk.
Essential equipment:
Some sort of electrical gubbins(I'm told it's a Deus). In various colours

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Re: New Years Day silver hoard!

Post by Lowland » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:36 am

Happy new year easylife....Tis a lovely coin that.
Best of luck for 2019 ::g
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Re: New Years Day silver hoard!

Post by fred » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:14 pm

Well done. Always nice to find something that gives you pleasure. ::g
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Re: New Years Day silver hoard!

Post by littleboot » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:05 pm

Hey Ho....I know the feeling. The stuff is here in France too. I often think that between starry-eyed environmentalist campaigners and bureaucrats ticking boxes more is done to ruin the environment than ever! It all seems such a good idea...on paper. But like every other 'ideal' known to man it is soon turned into something a lot less perfect.
I find the dreaded GW is something one can only go at in small bursts. Otherwise I lose the will to detect altogether. It gets to the point where you don't WANT a signal to turn out to be something good because it dooms you to having to continue digging the carp just in case. And when you get to the point you are ignoring good signals altogether it is time to pull stumps and run.
I have one GW field I go back to. That is purely because I detected it before the dreaded stuff was spread and I know where the hotspots are. Its mainly 17th century stuff and a bit of medieval and importantly its concentrated. So although I dig rubbish I know there is a good ratio of interesting stuff to keep me going. With you field you don't have that advantage of knowing the hotspots on the ground...research only takes you so far....and if its really early, as you say, there won't be enough meat and potato 'good' finds to maintain your enthusiasm.
I am sure you will find somewhere new to detect and you already have a steady permission to go at. It is amazing how a field you thought was going to be very quiet can suddenly spark into life and produce something wonderful. Happened to me a few times.
Every so often you can go back to your GW field. Keep it short and sharp and detect small areas and then leave it alone again for a while.
All the best for a lucky 2019!
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