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Possible Viking wolf tooth pendant. New photos added

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:17 am
by Spearhead
Members may recall my post from a couple of days ago where I showed a tin of uncleaned finds that I intend to ration and gradually clean over the lock-down.
Anyway I picked out an interesting one to wash and look at.
This is what it turned out to be........
It's only small but it is really interesting. It is silver gilt, has a loop on the top and has a series of four, forked bearded human heads around it. Emerging from underneath and gripped by the heads is a tooth. Being a dog owner and lover the tooth is very similar to a dog's tooth. Because it has been given talismanic status by being mounted in a pendant I can only conclude that it is a wolf tooth. Similar ones dated to the Viking period Are known. The human heads,to my eyes,look right for the Viking period.
So unless you can point me in a different direction my ID of this is a Viking silver gilt wolf tooth pendant, probably 9th/ 10th century.
Not too far away, a couple of years ago, I found an Anglo Scandinavian stirrup terminal and also a stirrup strap mount of the same date so although they are very, very rare finds from these fields other finds from the Viking period have turned up in this area. I will email my FLO.