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Day 2 Lockdown Find - Moderators not required!

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:36 am
by fred
Well it's day 2 in the big brother household: the blood from Day 1 has mostly been mopped up and the bones reset. The surviving contestants are looking forward to at least another 20 days of close contact martial arts, mostly not on the telly. :D

Yesterdays ongoing scrap clearance in the shed produced a little surprise. Just as I was about to throw yet another junk white metal ring onto the heap something inside it caught my eye.
A quick clean and a small and crappy laser etched mark became visible. I knew that it wasn't gold because the signal must have been in the steel range for it to get consigned to the junk pouch, and the mark wasn't the Platinum one. A bit of digging around on the Internet produced a dead ringer (sorry) which was identified as a post 2010 Palladium ring hallmarked in Sheffield. Apparently modern Palladium fineness marks are in 3 circles whilst similar purity Platinum ones are in a trapeze.

Anyway it is about £130 as scrap at current prices (or three toilet rolls and half a dozen eggs :D ).