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Fancy a quiz?

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:26 am
by thefiggis
What ho,

Yes, I know this should be in the Lounge or N&G but it needs to be on the main page and Stories was the first suitable forum to hand. Anyway I'm a mod and can do what I like. Well, that's not quite true, really, is it? Not even close in fact, but hey ho - grab your pleasures where you can, I say. The parlour maid(s) will attest to that. Now, where was I? Oh yes...

Just a bit of fun with some finds general knowledge. Answers are in the spoiler below.

1. Which two primary metals are mixed to make bronze?

2. What is the name of the lead vessel, which would have been filled with holy water, sold by the church in medieval times?

3. What is this?
what is it.jpg
4. If someone told you you'd found a "bulla" would you:
(a) look for a hallmark
(b) look for a bin to lob it into in case it gave you a nasty bite
(c) look for the name of the issuing monarch
(d) look for the name of the issuing pope

5. Under which monarch was the "Tealby" penny produced?

6. A Roman barbarous radiate is:
(a) a counterfeit coin
(b) a coin struck by someone with bad manners, bad hair and possibly bad breath
(c) a coin struck in the provinces to make good a shortfall in officially-minted coinage
(d) a coin struck in the provinces as a way of paying tax to Rome without cost

7. How much did a cartwheel two pence weigh?

8. Which period does the Great Square Headed brooch belong to?

9. CIVITAS EBORACI on the reverse of a hammered coin denotes which mint?

10. What is the name of the Saxon hoard of c1500 items containing 11lb of gold and 3lb of silver?
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Hope that helped pass a few moments for the terminally short of excitement.

Pip pip ::g

Oh, and please don't write any answers on here - it would spoil it for others