Two coin Hoards

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Re: Two coin Hoards

Post by Twit » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:50 pm

This is going to turn into something of a long chat I think, might as well be an open one as someone might gain from reading it.

I was born in Switzerland and am "quarter Swiss", whatever that adds up to. The country has a strong privacy ethic, no obvious head of state as in the UK, and the framework is balanced towards making sense for the individual. Society there is very civil, but not nationalistic by any extreme, local culture is also protected by its closeness and an inbuilt understanding of what counts, of values. I won't pretend the UK should be like that, but there are examples to be taken.

The UK is a bit "all over the place" it seems, it wants to reach a fuller status but just seems to stagger between failures and over extension of its own ability. There is not a clear path on policy on many fronts, EU being prime example ( and I have a LOT to say about that) . The hierarchy is corporate capitalist / undue privilege on the one hand, and an attempt at social economics on the other. Mix it all up and you have "British society", and all that remains of its good traditions and values insisting on their say also, the proverbial muddle through.

Don't get me wrong, most other societies are very welcoming in their way, but almost all have the some kind of confused background playing out also, the grass is different but not greener.

Now I am in a very peculiar situation with regards the UK, one that has forced me to look in depth at it's official stance, history, how power is allocated and why. I am sure you have deep attachment to the UK, that you are proud somewhere of past contribution.... imagine you go abroad and you are informed that " oh, because of your date of birth you are not British actually" they strip you of your passport, leave you stateless, and unable to return because of new Frontex law the UK signed up to. If you do return to the UK you will be an illegal asylum seeker and must wait several years for naturalisation. As a family that is what we are put through, and after contacting everyone in UK office over the space of many years, there is only one take away.... there is nobody home, no matter how polite or detailed you are, no one will give answer. People who are "there to serve", just don't, if I should take it to court many would be found negligent, in fact I am looking to use an international court now to obtain a ruling.

What I am saying is that when I look at the show, and say I read about expats concerned about having to register abroad post Brexit, I just shake my head. I don't think many have a true idea of just what has gone on these past years abroad in EU. UK policy seems like it is on a total bender, has been for a long while, the sleight of hand being that what is promoted as of topic is a distraction, and all the while the basic integrity of the country is getting trampled, purposefully diluted. It might suit a class of society, certain age groups maybe, boomers say, or the younger generation that are happy to gain academic status even if they are tied up in debt, but this all is possible only due to a post scarcity society, which may not last either, and which brings profound moral adjustments with it. That is to say the piper will be paid, and as a British pay as you go citizen, I really do not like the look of the tab.

So you might understand my reticence at bureaucratic initiatives and more law, it has to be kept simple, accountable and understandable by all in practice. Otherwise lawmakers just take off on a theme, hope it works, and everyone else just has to put up with it. I don't mind strict laws on detecting, it would be nice to be part of the wider historical community and go around with a total permission, but at the same time to detect borderline legal only leaves it to enthusiasts to do the groundbreaking, and that is its own adventure. It seems a shame not to make space for so many people who want to take part in the hobby, they are likely to be new enthusiasts in history, only a very few are in it just for the money.

I'll get into the detail of it next, how demonstrative authorities often miss the mark by a mile, how common interest gets hogged and used for grandstanding etc. , how the self regulation expected of the individual is not properly reciprocated by the corporate entity that government and academia have become... how else is an individual to look on it but as a single persona, in spite of many good and sincere members of it? As mentioned in our experience, necessary accountability (including at policy level) is often absent , and once orders are passed they are rarely up for open discussion , and are often misused. You can trust people to find the longest distance between two points, maybe that is why going round like drunken snails ( ® by another member) is cathartic to many of us, who knows?

Just my thoughts as I sit here taking in the gentle southern autumn sun.

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Re: Two coin Hoards

Post by Jungle » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:00 am

Measured distance between coins, 80m.
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