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surprise finds from old Pub tip

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surprise finds from old Pub tip

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I managed a Friday visit to the pub tip following on from my last recent visit . There was not much to show but a few interesting items came out but as suspected were similar age to the previous trip and dated late 30s to 40s . I didn't bother to post until I managed to go back again this morning and see if I could delve a little deeper and see if there was anything earlier .
I got quite a surprise because despite the late era of this small tip there is always to old age adage that there should or could be earlier stuff further down .
The last visit was a short session but I did manage to note that the pit gradually got a little deeper the further I went along but time was not on my side so had to leave it until this morning .
This third visit was also to be a short one but had far better rewards and a very pleasant surprise .
The weather was to be very humid and an early start was arranged with the owners who were happy for me to trudge through their grounds at the ungodly hour of 6 am and I would hope to finish by 10am latest . In general so far the pit was approximately 18 inches to 2ft deep however at the end where I left off graduated to at least 3 ft deep and possibly deeper , so it time to brace myself for a bit of a prolonged dig .
There is a lot of stuff to dig through , stacks of sea shells which was a stable diet for many and plenty of tins of all sorts from rusted buckets and the odd pot thrown in for good measure .So far it appeared to be similar era until I started to pull up some huge oyster shells which is a very typical diet of the Victorians . Things gathered momentum in the interest stakes when the first really good find was the early small bowl clay pipe .The Pub itself dates from 1750 and I would put this pipe from this era and possibly a little later heading into the early Victorian period .
Two broken stoneware foot warmers , a porcelain dolls arm and a clay pipe stem were beginning to give a away clues to a far earlier part of the pit . There didn't appear to be any evidence of burning , everything was coming out clean albeit a few stains from rusted iron which there was plenty of especially horse shoes , I dug 11 out .
At about 4ft down I hit the dreaded clay , could this be clay capping ? however the sturdy bottle probe proved that is wasn't . So now I had the depth at least twice of the later stuff and the bed of clay sloped downwards .
Trenching forward and down was the way to go and it proved to be a good decision when this little gem popped out .
holloways ointment.jpg
Once again there were no Ginger Beers which I had high hopes for but apart from two stoneware ink pots and the broken foot warmers there was no other stone ware bottles . It was however nice to find a genuine Morgans Brewery mineral water bottle as this pub was a Morgans owned pub back in the day .The large green bottle looks to have a rolled lip , it is a bit wonky but clean and a nice green glass .
shovel full of bottles .jpg
The cleaned bottles from today are to the left , to the right are from the last visit , typical late 30s and 40s era and also interesting is the US Army cover . Lots of US Military in these parts during the last War .
cleaned finds.jpg
Apologies for the last image , not intended to offend and if mods wish to remove out from the post please do so . It is just an example of how things were back then .
Robertsons lid.jpg
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I walk , I dig , I find ....naff all !

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