Things i have found out about and used on Farmland

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Re: Things i have found out about and used on Farmland

Post by RichBC » Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:44 pm

I haven't been in the hobby for long, but I have noticed a couple of things which seem true in most of the fields I've looked at so far.
First, as others have said, all the way round the edge by the hedge. If you are working a crop, or ploughing, it makes sense to stop for a drink or your sandwich after a full row rather than in the middle of one, so stopping places will be by the hedge. Also, when there is a full crop, people will walk round the edge of the field.
Second, obviously check along pathways but also well to the sides of paths, up to 20ft or so, as the route will shift a little over the years. Also check if there is a hollow way in the hedge, because this may have been the original older footpath which now uses the edge of the field instead.
Third, again perhaps because it's a logical place to stop for your lunch, I have found the corners of fields to be fruitful. Also, gates tend to be in corners as this helps funnel the livestock, so therefore traffic will have been greater, and the subsequent loss of items more concentrated. Opening gates can cause objects to be lost as hands come out of pockets, buttons are caught, etc.
Fourth, around the base of large trees, either in the hedge or standing free, where they might be remnants of former hedges or 'specimen' trees in former parkland.
Fifth, at the base of a slope. Slowly and surely, helped by regular ploughing and the weather, objects will travel downhill.
Sixth, speaking of hills, check the top of hills where there is a good viewpoint - again, if there is more traffic there is a higher concentration of objects.
Seventh, and lastly, amongst field clearance material. Where the farm workers have piled up the larger stones cleared from the field I seem to find the odd coin or two, usually relatively recent but back into the mid-Victorian period. Again, strenuous activity is more likely to cause lost buttons or things to fall from pockets, so this one makes sense.
More as I notice them! Thanks for earlier hints, I like the pipe trench upcast suggestion, have to try that one. ;p


Re: Things i have found out about and used on Farmland

Post by Pastmember01 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:54 am

One of my permissions has a 'high speed' gas line diagonally across a field put in many years ago. You can follow its path by the amount of interference on the detector as the rest of the field is very quiet. I presume this is due to a change in ground brought to the surface during installation.
Only found out about it when the current landowner said if you see someone in the field they are checking the gas line! Until then I was wondering if it might be worth an exploratory dig!

As for cows (or anything that looks like it's related) they weigh upwards of 500kg, have small brains, and run faster than you. Get a good head start or you'll lose. All the farmers I shoot with and who have raised cattle for many years have their own near miss stories and one was seriously hurt.

I'm around horses a lot and generally they are fine and just curious. They don't really see you approaching head on so get to their side. That big 'stick' in your hand will scare many of them - let's be fair, they don't know a Deus XP from a branch! And be aware of the ground. If they come towards you at speed on soft wet pasture that 500+Kg lump will slide another 5 yds before it actually stops. Give 'em some room!

Discretion is the better part of valour ::g


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