Lost and hopefully found in Leicestershire

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Lost and hopefully found in Leicestershire

Post by brianc » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:15 pm


If you have lost a metallic item of worth to you, be it sentimental, of monetary value, a mechanical object or otherwise, then I have a detector and most likely some search time to try to help you recover it if you are in the Leicestershire area.

These are some of the scenarios that I can assist you with:

It could be a lost ring, bracelet, locket, chain, keys or a piece of farming machinery.

All I ask is that you gain direct permission from the landowner before we search if it was lost somewhere on land beyond your ownership.

If you own the land or obtain permission to search then I can respond as quickly as possible upon receipt of confirmation.

There are some options when seeking for permission if you have lost something particularly on Parish Council land (for example an open space), which might be surface finds only and no digging permitted.

So, if your loss is recent then time is of the essence.

This is a free service on offer with no obligation from either party.

I am a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) and therefore abide by the best practice code and I am fully third party insured.

Wandering off to the fields with my Makro Racer 2.

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