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Wedding ring of 58 years lost & found

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Wedding ring of 58 years lost & found

Post by kpjuk »

Hi guys,

Two days into the shutdown, my wife read a facebook message from one of her friends to say they where looking for a metal detectorist to help find a wedding ring lost in the front garden.

The ladies mum, had had pneumonia and was in recovery, and for the first time in weeks had ventured into the garden to do a little tidying up, something she had missed during her illness. Half way through tidying the garden she panicked when she realised her wedding ring had slipped off, and the ring she had owned for 58 years was gone.

Distraught, she called her family out and they went over the garden inch by inch until the light failed. Heer daughter then posted the message the following afternoon, that my other half then pick up.

We rang her daughter and I then went over straight away. With an audience eagerly peering through the lounge window, I did a run across the borders she had been working in but nothing except a 1956 ha'penny. I started to do a series of runs across the grass and within three feet of trying, that satisfying sound of a solid fins hit my ears !

I put my trowel into the ground to mark the location and the lady came out the house and picked it up with tears in her eyes.

What a great feeling to marry (pardon the pun) the wedding ring with the owner.

I have been promised a hug and a beer when the world gets back on it's head, but I got all the thanks I need in her pleasure at finding her lost ring.

Kev J.
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Post by BlackBridgeBoy »

Well done Kev!
You certainly did your good deed for that day.
It's always nice when there's a happy ending.
Stay Safe.
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Post by fred »

Great story. [81/]
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Post by Bradrick »

Brilliant Kev!! [81/]
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Post by hartsman »

Excellent, well done. [81/]

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Post by Phil2401 »

Top Man [81/]
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Post by HartlepoolBeginner »

Well done Kev. Lovely story and a credit to the hobby :)

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Post by Koala »

super, result [81/]

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Post by shaggybfc »

Well done that man [81/]
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