Deus HF coil which settings work best for you?

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Deus HF coil which settings work best for you?

Post by Easylife » Wed May 16, 2018 2:03 am

Which HF coil, what settings, and what type of land works best for you?
I just have the HF 9” round coil and find that in 28khz it seems to oddly outperform my 11” coil in any frequency depth wise. Going over same ground I think it plucks out finds next to iron and peaks on coins on edge which would have maybe been missed previously. Having not used it for a while it suddenly seems to be in it's element on drier pasture. How have you found it to be?

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Re: Deus HF coil which settings work best for you?

Post by Junior » Wed May 16, 2018 5:03 am

None at the moment.......So I brought this hf elipical coil as I'd heard good things about it. Since having it I've not had much success. Its not been terrible just nothing special. I've had not hàd the opportunity to use it on a Roman sites and I feel that it woz beating my mates 11" coil in signal at least My feelings are, in the UK, on arable land (which is what I mostly detect) this coil is great on perfectly flat ground, finding tiny pieces of metal in the first few inches. It's fast amongst iron. If I am right it really has limitations rather than benefits for me.
I may not be using the right settings so any advice on good setting for this coil on arable land, Roman sites would be good. I just feel the depth levels of the coil so far are really poor. Maybe it can't be used for speed and reactivity with depth. If not it's not for me and wasted £300. I wonder if the 9" HF would have been a better choice or more of the same? Any advice would be great as I want to put this coil to good use! I've had it loses the coil issues
. So much so I now use as back up detector..... 8x 5hr sessions 1 x pre dec penny 2x roman(6x our permission ....2x rallies ). Could just b bad luck.......... Mate does better with his 13yr old machine. It's disheartening.Some people love it ;;z
Setting wise I've tried 28/74khz with a altered dues fast.... sens 88....react 2....disc .....-6.4..... 2 tones 120 Hz to 15 ...760hz 15 upwards...... notch up to 15 so then like a single tone machine... rl;
On v4.1 with hf coil on mainly 74khz seem to like a bit of iron keeps coming in at 72. 
But getting minute stuff that the pinpointer struggles on. Hasn't livened up our slow permission as I'd hoped with all the hype !!!!!

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