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Post by flyboys » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:50 pm

hi all,
I started detecting only a few months ago. I started with a Lander XD100 pro(Chinese) then onto a Fisher F4 which was very much better than the Chinese Lander but i still found it a bit unstable and vague on what it was telling me. I decided to try one more machine and bought a Whites MXT, BRILLIANT!!
In truth i was probably not patient enough with the other machines but the MXT does exactly what it says on the box. I live in Southport so i have the beach to explore also some farm land 15 mins away. On the beach just switch on, turn sensitivity fairly high, set the dual control to discriminate nails out tweak the threshhold so its just audible, switch to SALT, select coins and jewellery and your away.
I know that all sounds like a big list but follow it a couple of times and you'll soon remember it.
I have a Whites 6x4 coil, a 6x9 amd SEF 12x10". The SEF works great on the beach(turn power down a little on beach with SEF) or inland, but if its trashy or awkward terrain i switch to the smaller coils. I found my first pre-decimal coin(1940 half penny) with my MXT and my pride and joy so far, a piece of a Spitfire fuel pump (Supermarine not Triumph)

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