Roman site settings for GMP

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Roman site settings for GMP

Post by Wigeon » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:09 am

My pal and I have been detecting a ten acre pasture that has not been ploughed for at least sixty years.

We have found a distinct area of occupation that has produced 4thC coins but also a 1stC rosette brooch that my pal put on here for ID a few days ago.

My pal has been using his Deus whilst I have been using my Etrac.

The area of occupation has a considerable amount of ferrous background chatter on the Etrac as one might expect. The ground is not particularly mineralised otherwise. The field is very quiet once off of the occupation area.

I now intend to use my GMP on the occupation area. However, whilst I have used my GMP a lot, I have only had it about six months, so not that experienced with it yet.

My question for experienced GMP users is :- What settings would you recommend for the circumstances that I have outlined ? Brief reasons for recommended settings would be appreciated too. Thanks in anticipation.

Ps. I have listened to Norfolk Woolf quite a few times ::g .

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Re: Roman site settings for GMP

Post by garrettoldboy » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:46 pm

hello, you are better off using your Etrac on pasture, simple fact being a multi frequency where the GMP is only 18Khz, there is a very good setting by Des Dunne, google Des Dunne Etrac settings for pasture , Des use to work for Minelab and knows these detectors better than most, you will find a lot of Etrac setting by him, good luck

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