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Only for the discussion of the XP Gold MAXX Power Metal Detector.
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Post by luckysod »

Well I have now made the choice I have been detecting 30+ years and in recent years I have used my trusty sov xs2a pro that I still use to this day on the wet sand and my main land machines have been the laser B2 and B3 but I wanted to change and move with the times so after a lot of thinking between the DEUS and GMP I choose a full DEUS and things were ok at first and I found some nice things but after a while I found myself constantly fighting with it was this adjusted right was that adjusted right and I became very unhappy with it and I hated the digital side of things so I sold it after 6mths and lost a lot of money, now some people love and swear by there DEUS but for me as a detectorist it just did not suit me so I turned to the GMP and brought a secondhand one that was a few mths ago and OH my god what have I been missing I love the GMP I'm now a happy chappy and finding plenty. Thanks for reading Jeff

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Post by Danzigman »

XP DEUS.. ::g

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Post by rab the ranter »

I totally agree with you mate, I have just taken delivery of my GMP and looking
Forward to more detecting and less fiddleing with settings.

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Post by manicdev »

Sound's like you "fiddled" and "adjusted" the Deus settings a little too quick :( .
Before you did that you needed to understand the machine a little bit better (as 6 months is not a long time to learn a machine).
I know that you said you have been detecting for a long time, but if your not used to having a machine that you "can" alter a lot, then maybe you should have spent more time learning the programs that are already in the machine as they would have given you a "straight out of the box, charge, switch on and go" machine ::g .
If your not that type of person then yes, the Deus is not for you.
I'm not in any way knocking you, as I know plenty of people the same, it's just a shame as the Deus is a very capable machine that (once learned) will give you many more variations than the one GMP on it's own, can give.
I am in no way knocking the GMP either, as it is a great machine too.
Just my thoughts tho, and good luck with your choice ::g
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Post by liamnolan »

Dave has summed things up well, cannot add much to that. Wise words indeed. I sold my GMP when I bought my Deus, then regretted it as although I use the GMP programme on the Deus, I find the actual GMP has a bit more "punch" when out searching and also gets through stubble a bit easier. I found the GMP a little hard on the wrist after 4 hrs detecting and I am not a weak person, whilst the Deus can be swung all day and is a very versatile machine. I then bought another GMP which I have as a back up machine, is also wireless which is a benefit.
Many good machines out there and they are all different in so many ways, but at the end of the day its generally down to the machine user and how attuned he is to his machine, Liam ::g
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Post by Tomo »

You won't go far wrong with the gmp. It's a switch on and go solid little tank. It reminds me of the old Nokia's, not the latest model but will run flawlessly without having to fiddle with a million settings and still packs a good little punch :D
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