Learning GMP Speak....

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Learning GMP Speak....

Post by littleboot » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:59 am

I have had the GMP now for a couple of years . It has taken me that long to master the basics of GMP-Speak. I now feel really at ease and comfortable with it and feel like we are a team.

At first I was running another tone ID machine at the same time and I realized that was making it harder to get to grips with the GMP because they reacted to signals very differently and I daresay as a result there were signals I should have dug but I didn't.

I think we all have regular spots we detect at the same time each year according to how crops are standing and pasture growing etc. I have gone the rounds again this season and, with better knowledge and better settings I have found much more that I know I missed before. (And I don't mean simply missed putting the coil over...but that I mis-read the signal.)

Not claiming I know it all....but certainly now feel that I have a sound understanding of the GMP.
I think we all realize early on if we are going to 'gel' with a machine. Even if we are still struggling a bit we kind of know it is worth persevering or not. With the Tejon I knew it was a capable enough machine....I found hammies with it....but I didn't enjoy it and I never felt I'd develop a rapport with it. I suppose in a way, we develop a partnership with our machines. Its the quality of that partnership that dictates our level of success.

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Re: Learning GMP Speak....

Post by the-roman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:45 pm

The GMP is an amazing machine, I have two of them both v4. in my opinion they are a very underestimated machine. seems to be people bang on and on about certain other machines of the same brand when this one is very capable of keeping up with the finds and depth, and I've had the more expensive one so I know what i'm on about ::g :D
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Re: Learning GMP Speak....

Post by wallydog1 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:06 pm

Hi Littleboot,

I sure you remember from your comments on my posts i have had some great, classic and unbelievable finds with my GMP, and for xmas i thought i would upgrade to a xp Dxxx, so what do i think? well i now have a great back up machine in the XP Dxxx.... worst 1500 i have spent, it is and always will be a great machine in the iron, but after close on 100 hours of pasture testing and ploughed on quietish land it does not compare to the GMP nel tornado set up. As a experienced xp user, i own, adx 100, adx 250, The GMP is back as my no1 choice, and as you say if you master the tones and how to get the iron buzz on outside edge of the coil, you will dig very little rubbish.

As stated previously, also the GMP mode on the Dxxx is nothing like the real GMP.

All GMP owners..... i think we should arrange a forum GMP v Deus Midlands area rally, lets see what comes up, it would be interesting.

Good luck all


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Re: Learning GMP Speak....

Post by Bargeman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:21 pm

I too run my GMP with the Tornado, they do go well together, and find very small, very deep. and I have no doubt if there was a coin lurking on my new fields I would have found it, ::g
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