Monthly Forum Feature January 2013 - Glenfiddich!

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Monthly Forum Feature January 2013 - Glenfiddich!

Post by stephenbeetleman » Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:23 pm

Our Forum Member of the Month to start off the New Year is Glenfiddich! Glen has been an active member on here since October 2010. If Glen isn't slogging it in the kitchen as a Head Chef he’s either on the forum here giving newbies and friends helpful advice or out doing a bit of detecting himself. Famed for his smilies he adds to his posts and his kind offers of Belhaven Best beer to detecting mates I give you his interview. Thanks to all forum staff that have helped me put this together.

Happy New Year!


So Glen, when did you start detecting and how did it all start?

I remember as a kid when I was about 11 or 12 years old my father bought a metal detector for himself. My older brother who got everything as he was the golden child, went to a semi-private school and he was the apple in my parents eyes and as for me well I was the black sheep of the family and I was NOT included in their hobby! As a result I was not allowed to touch anything my brother had. There was no brotherly love back then and there is still no brotherly love to this day! Anyway they found 4 half gold Krugerrand’s and a small money bag full of Crowns and Half Crowns and some other jewellery at the base of a tree in a private estate where there was a big mansion house.

But then a few years later when I was 14 or 15 my father tried to get closer to me and he took me out a few times with him to detect but again I never got to touch his precious detector but I did get to do all the digging!

What was your first machine?

An old C-Scope TR 950D/VLF ….still got it somewhere but it’s knackered.

What was it about the hobby that intrigued you?

I always remembered reading the magazines that my dad had subscribed to as it was one of the few things that I was allowed to touch without getting in to trouble. But then by the time I had reached my working teens I had forgotten all about detecting as there were new things in my life like motorbikes, cars, girls and not to forget beer as well! Motorbikes, girls and beer seemed to go hand in hand so metal detecting took a back seat for many years to come. However after living in Essex and then in Suffolk we moved back to Edinburgh as Dorota (my good lady) wanted us to move back up to Edinburgh as she missed the place and a few months after arriving back I was looking through Ebay at everything and anything when I stumbled on metal detecting and that is what got me back in to detecting as I bought the old C-Scope off of Ebay and the rest is all history.

You are now a Deus user and although up there in the Scottish "hammy wilderness" you still manage to get some good finds, how good is the Deus for you?

Who told you that I was finding good finds. I think you’ve got the wrong person.
Surely you can tell this by the lack of hammies that I post up on the forum? Lol.
I’ve been to a lot of club digs on a Sunday and yes I do find some old coins and stuff but the other guys always seem to find more than me.

What programmes and settings would you recommend to anyone buying a Deus?

I started off with using Program One and a few weeks later I switched to GM Power which I loved for a long time and I was starting to find loads of small silver coins as the XP Deus which is a bit of a silver hoover. I then started to play with the settings and after watching Peacehavens on Youtube, I started to follow him and his settings but it took me several months to realize that my finds were not getting any better (no offence Ged Dodd I know that it’s not your fault) and so I eventually switched back to Programs 1 and GM Power.

You choose to use the larger Deus coil, would you advise other users to buy one?

I wanted to buy the large coil for ages but I kept putting it off but then only about one week before the forum dig in Leicestershire I managed to get one from a shop called Hidden History in Hertfordshire. I think I got the last one in the country and to be honest the very first day I used it I instantly hated it as it was by now no longer the detector of my dreams as it had become so much heavier and it was so much harder to pin point. I had toyed with the idea of selling it as soon as possible but then after a couple of weeks had passed everyone else that I knew from my Sunday club and a few folks from this forum too said differently and I tried again and slowly but surely after persevering with it I started to like it. Now I wouldn’t be seen without it as I use it whenever I can unless I’m detecting in long stubble then I have no option but to use the standard coil.

I remember that you had some coil problems a while back, how did that work out in the end?

in the first 6 months of buying the Deus and on two occasions I couldn’t get the control box to recognize the coil and Liam Nolan was with me on one of my permissions at the time and neither of us could work it out and so I was forced in to using one of my backup detectors which was my trusty Minelab X-Terra 705 but it wasn’t much fun compared to my Deus. On each occasion this happened I had to send the coil back to Regtons in Birmingham and they were brilliant. Thanks Nigel and Marcus, you are definitely one of the best detector shops in the business as you swapped my coils over each time and I had a new one almost immediately. I would send it to you and then I would receive my replacement coil just two days later which is good customer service.

Have you found that the forum has put you in touch with any buddies near to you in Scotland you have been able to go out detecting with?

Yes I tried to get some of the guys together for a day’s detecting back in the early days but most of them couldn’t or didn’t like to commit themselves so nothing came of it. I did manage to take one member to my hammy field later on. It had just been heavily ploughed and she found a nice crotal bell and a few coins. I have also recently met up with Neil on here from North Berwick . He was only new to the hobby so I introduced him to my Sunday club. He has turned out to be a top bloke.

How often do you manage to get out detecting? Can you fit it around your work ok?

We have a restaurant business here in Edinburgh and it can be difficult to get time off but I do try and take two days off every week when I can although the summertime can be a bit hectic at times especially when the Edinburgh Festival is on but I still manage to get the odd day in here and there. The most difficult time to get off was when the forum dig was on as it collided with the festival but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and I sooo much wanted to meet everyone as the only person that I knew at that point was Liam the Leprechaun Nolan! It’s OK Liam I think that you’re a top bloke!

How important is it to have the right clothing and footwear whilst out detecting? Any preferences?

Oh I don’t really go in for that kind of stuff just ask John AKA IronMonkey5. He caught me on camera detecting in one of these extreme downpours of rain that we had on the first day at the forum dig in Leicestershire! But usually if I were on my own and it is raining then I would just take a bath towel with me and then strip off naked and detect in the buff! … that way all I have to do when I return to the car is dry myself off and get dressed and then head home …….. simples ! (Not true Obviously lol)

I met you at the 2012 Forum Dig, thanks for the beer by the way! It was just the ticket after a long days detecting! Did you manage to catch up with a few others on here over the forum dig weekend?

Oh yeah the beer, I doubt whether I’ll be doing that again! I usually take plenty with me when I go to a rally or a dig down south as it is usually always enjoyed by others around and I thought it would be a good way to chat with people and I like to promote Scottish beers but……everyone seemed to be teetotal …..apart from my mate Greg from Wrexham.

It was great to see you and Dorota, did you have a good time? What were the highlights for you? Have you managed to get all that mud off your car yet?

Ha Ha Ha! :)) I wondered when that question was going to come! I had hired a car to travel down from Edinburgh to Leicestershire and although I have a large 4x4 at home I wanted to keep the mileage down in it. Also I had offered Greggowrex to meet him on the way down and then take him to the forum dig as he couldn’t get there any other way and so I needed something big enough for Dorota, myself and Greg so I went to Hertz and I hired a Mercedes Benz E Class with all the kit. When we got there the only way to access the campsite was to drive over………wait for it…….not one field but two. The first field was rut and furrow and on a hill too and it was long wild grass in places but we got there well at least on the day before it all started. We dropped Greg off and shortly after we left because we were staying in a little village pub that had rooms nearby and the following day we came back and again the next day for the first days detecting and we parked at the campsite. But at the end of the day it had rained heavily periodically throughout the afternoon and the grass was wet. When trying to exit the second field which was a long and steep uphill drive I couldn’t get any more grip and I started to slip all the way back down as the path that ran through the field had become muddy as well. I tried to climb the hill again but couldn’t get any traction and the wheels were just spinning and we were going nowhere. So then a few of the others turned up and one guy with a 4x4 who was called Flyboys (Mark) went to get help and Liam, Laura’s dad (Walt) and Crackerjack came back to our rescue. Mark offered to tow me out but the only thing was that the Merc was an Automatic and you can’t tow automatics so I ended up driving around the side of the field through the long wild grass which gave me grip and all the way to the gate entrance which was also on a slope and was swimming in mud. So when I was within about 12 feet of the gate the boys kindly came and pushed me through the mud and up out of the field. I was so delighted that I was out and decided that over the next two days I wouldn’t be parking in any more fields and luckily the farmer came to the rescue and offered me to park in his driveway I was really thinking that I was going to be in deep trouble with the car hire company and I could visualize the scenario in my head……”Hello is that Hertz? I’m afraid there’s been a problem. You see I’ve broken down ……what’s that you say? Postcode …… um well I’m in the rural Leicestershire countryside and there’s a cow standing close by me in the field that I’m in if that’s any help!

I am told that you may have some exotic cars, what are they?

Oh gosh where do I start? Do you want to know current models or past ones too …
At present I have my trusty Volkswagen Touareg 3.0L V6 TDi Altitude which is very powerful and luxurious on the inside and has all the toys too. I also recently bought a Peugeot RCZ which is extremely fast and a pure boy racer’s car but it was too small to bring to the forum dig for all our stuff and Greg too so now for the real sports cars past and present……about 10 years ago I had a TVR Cebera 6 speed which was just the craziest and fastest car I have ever owned and driven and it had total raw power as it had a 4.2 Litre V8 engine that had 360 BHP and could do 0 – 60 in just 4.2 seconds and it had a top speed of 180 MPH.

See this link below. Its not mine but it is similar…..except mine was yellow! ... ure=player" onclick=";return false;

I also had a Porsche Cayenne Turbo which had a 4.8 litre Engine with twin turbo’s and 500 BHP to boot and it could do from 0 – 62 in just 5.1 seconds and 0 – 100 in just 9.1 seconds and it had a top speed of 171 MPH that’s bloody marvelous considering that it weighs 2.5 tonnes. I’ve also had a Merc E Class, another VW Touareg before this one but in a slightly smaller engine with less spec and less power.

It must be good that Dorota likes detecting too in that you can share your love for the hobby and your enthusiasm to get out there and detect?

Oh yes it’s great! She surprised me when one day when she found my first detector under the bed as I had not told her about it but the reason that she surprised me was that she also had some books on the subject and had kept them hidden from me as she thought that I would laugh! But because she likes detecting too then we can go wherever we like just as long as we can take some time off in the business. When a dig becomes available down South I know that she will be as excited as I am the other thing about Dorota is that we totally respect each other and she is not just my business partner but by far she is my best friend too.

Spill the beans .. Has she been finding more things with her detector than you have been with the Deus?

Uuugh I think that you’ve been listening to Greg again as he’s always tried to wind me up about it too lol ………………………………………………………..OK so maybe your right. :P :))

You were "last man off the field" on the Forum Dig, will you be planning to attend the 2013 event?

I was only trying to get my money’s worth as we were all told that each day would finish at 5pm and Liam spotted me leaving the field at 5.03pm when he and a few of the others were just about to drive off strangely enough I found an old spoon which Liam thinks is medieval in the last five minutes of the dig!

Liam tells me that you had a brilliant find, one the best over the three days … What was it?

I was walking around the top field, it was in the last half hour and I think it was Liam’s pal Jacetheace who I was talking to. As we were on the last hurdle I was saying to him that I would really, really love to find a Roman coin or something and then just a few minutes later I got a belter of a signal with my Deus and I dug the clod out and I thought that I was looking for a coin when out rolled this little bronze head. I saw the face of the item looking at me so I called Jason over and he told me that it was probably either a Steel Yard weight or a Roman Mount. I didn’t have a clue what he meant but when I returned to the Campsite everyone wanted to see it and I felt really good inside especially when it was confirmed as being a Celtic mount. Apparently the hair on it looked longer than the Romans who wore their hair short and I was told by Liam that some people who take metal detecting very serious and who have maybe detected for 40 years or more have not been lucky enough to have ever found one as they are so mega rare!

Do you manage to attend rallies here in the UK? And if so, any advice to others who are considering attending one?

Attending rallies and digs here in the UK is just one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure in doing as not only do you get the chance to detect somewhere different but you also get the chance to meet other people which I just love doing. Many of the people who attend are new to the hobby and who are also looking to meet like minded people whom they can share experiences with both at the rally and sometimes they will get the chance to be invited to someone else’s permissions that they have made friends with at the rally.

What part of the UK would be your first choice for detecting?

Mmmmm probably anywhere but here, lol. I have a list as long as my arm of where I would like to detect and probably it would be somewhere like either Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincoln, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Cumbria, Worcestershire or the Midlands or, or, or, or, the list is endless! Joking aside though I have had the chance to detect in several English counties already and I have enjoyed every single one of them and it’s not just the detecting that I enjoy as we both love eating out and meeting new people but when we are away the we try and eat in as many pubs as possible when we are away in search of some wonderful hidden gastro pub serving the very best of home cooked food and a great selection of real ales. Mmmm ….. Did someone just mention beer? Mmmm …. slurp my favourite!

Do you do any research when not out searching?

Yes I regularly look on Google Earth to see if there are any markings in the fields where I wish to detect but just recently I discovered that by looking at the maps on Bing then their maps seem to be clearer and with much more detail in them as on one field on Google Earth I saw that there wasn’t many markings on the field in question but by sheer chance I looked up the same fields on Bing maps and I was amazed at the differences between the two maps of the same place. There’s a saying that “the detail is in the devil”. Well it sure is but you’ve just got to look for it as it won’t come to you on a plate. I also do Google searches of the history of the nearby village that I want to detect in or do a Google search for any medieval churches in a County.

I understand that you have been quite successful in getting a lot of permissions. In fact Liam wreckons you have most of Scotland now! Would you say it’s the “gift of the gab” as it were that allows you to get that all important yes from Landowners?

I’d say that it probably is the gift of the gab as my mother would always say that as a young child I would stop complete strangers in the street and then start having a conversation with them and that I could probably have a conversation with the devil himself and get away with it.

Are there any tips you could pass on to the newbies you think might help them when obtaining permission?

Be yourself and keep calm. Not all farmers look very friendly but then you might be surprised as they are extremely hard working people. Go casually dressed to the farmer’s door and be polite. Don’t turn up with Wellington Boots on and all your detecting gear on already or it may send out the wrong signal to the farmer. You don’t want to look like you are trying to say to him “Move over big boy I’m coming on your land whether you like it or not!” I always suggest to newbies that they take a few old coins with them or even go to your local antiques dealer in your town and buy a few old Victorian Pennies which you’ll pay peanuts for them but try and get old ones that have a green patina on them and then while you are chatting to the farmer you can pull a few of them out of your pocket and tell him that you found these in your garden at home or your grannies garden but now you looking for somewhere real to detect on and by showing the old coins to the farmer it should make him feel quite interested and he’s not going to know that they really came from a shop and not out of the ground. Also try and be yourself and don’t panic as he is NOT going to scream at you and nor is he going to chase you with a shotgun either. The farmer is just a normal hard working guy who hopefully will be interested in what you have to say for yourself Don’t rehearse any lines or trip yourself up getting all tongue tied so it’s better to just speak on the “spur of the moment”. Tell him/her that you live locally or that you think that you went to school with his son or daughter or that you have driven past this farm every single day for the last 10 years and that you always thought that it looked like a beautiful place to be. Talk to them about anything at all but most of all just be calm and be yourself.

How far do you travel to your permissions?

Most of them are all within one hours drive from home but one or two of them are a little bit further away.

Do you have a wish list of finds?

Oh I think I have given up wishing for something nice as there’s hardly a day goes by where I’m not drooling over someone else’s finds on this forum! But even though there is a list of rare hammies I’d love to find my main interest is in finding Roman coins. I have thought I found some of them a couple of times in the past but then it turned out to not be the case at all as what I found was something completely different. I also would love to find a Saxon or Viking coin or three or maybe even a gold coin too!

Apart from the detector, what other accessories do you use?

Well like everyone else I have a Garrett Pro Pointer, a good pair of Wellington Boots that I bought from a farm shop and about five different Mini Draper shovels (that’s one for each car) oh and a good supply of Belhaven Beer too! I also bought a good magnifying glass from Maplin. It plugs in to the computer and has a very powerful light on it with the ability to move either the lamp or the magnifying glass which are attached to bendy stems with a good base.

How do you clean your finds?

Usually I don’t clean finds as I’m scared of ruining them. Although I have tried electrolysis with an old mobile phone charger with two crocodile clips but never with much success. I also was interested in getting myself one of these fibre pens that you sometimes read about on this forum and then one day I found one for sale in Maplin. I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out but I was of course a little bit too eager and I tried it out on an old 1791 Liverpool Ships Half Penny Colonial Token and I totally ruined it.

What is your oldest find so far?

Probably it was my mother!

Do you have a favourite find?


How often do you log into the forum?

Who says I ever log out? Lol … This is my…….second home here but usually I log in for a few minutes before leaving for work in the morning and then while I’m at work I’ll log in and out all day long when I get a few minutes for myself. When I get in late at night, I’ll login again and sometimes sit until three or four in the morning and then wonder why I’m knackered all day long the next day!

Just a few days ago at work I connected the speaker in the restaurant up to the computer just before opening time and then I turned the volume up and then broke all the bottles that Mrix had left lying around. The waiting staff all came running in to the kitchen as they thought someone was throwing plates or bottles on the floor!

As a bit of fun we Mods thought we would name one of our smilies as a “Glen Emotion!” This is as a tribute to you for being so animated using them in your posts throughout your time here.

So it’s your choice … What is your favourite smilie and we will name it after you?

Who me? :-/ :-O I don’t know what you’re talking about I’ve never seen any Emoticons around here. :-w =D> seriously though they are all my little helpers and If Santa can have all his reindeer helpers then surely I can have my smiley emoticons.

Probably my most used one is one of these ones though as I am usually surprised at something like oops it 4.30am and I need to get to my bed!

:-O :-O :-O :-O

See you all at the next forum dig hopefully.

Glen ::g

There you have it folks! The new Glen Emotion is officially :-O

and shall be known as such from now on! :))

Happy new year from all the mods, i hope you have enjoyed reading. [:)


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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Daniel o' Beirnes » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:04 am

well done glen on forum member of the month ::g ::g ::g

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Ringpullstiltskin » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:20 am

Congrats Glenfiddich,

whenever I log in I see your posts which are always detailed and interesting ::g

good choice mods :D

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Philthy Phil » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:48 am

Another worthy member of the month. Glen's a stalwart of this forum.......always there with help & encouragement & his sense of humour always shines through. =D> =D> =D>

Damn' good choice folks! ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Pifukas » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:53 am

Congrats Glenfiddich.
P.S: I like polish beer too :) Try Lithuanian beer too...
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Danzigman » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:58 am

Congratulation to Glen on Forum member of the Month
Also thanks to Stephen for the post - A Happy New Year to Glen and Dorota.
It was a good joke with the staff =)) =)) =))

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Allectus » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:18 am

Well done Glen, thoroughly deserved mate....thanks for the laughs! :)) :)) ::g ::g

Well done Stephen too for putting it together ::g

A ;)
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by liamnolan » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:33 am

Great interview, well done Stephen and Glen!
I have been lucky enough to have been invited twice onto Glens land up in Edinburgh and I was treated like royalty each time, thanks Glen and Dorota for your warm welcomes.
Liam ::g :;@
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by fingers » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:18 am

Yey....!!!! Well done Glen and congratulations

Your always a good read..!

:-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Dave8472 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:22 am

Good one Glen

Well deserved mate ::g

Dave ';

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by froggyfagan » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:48 am

::g ::g ::g Excellent choice ::g ::g ::g ;[= ;) :) (:| I-) :-/ :( <:-P =)) :-O :-* :-w =D> 8-} [:) :P :(( 8-> ;'h :ml :;@ 98; h;@ l;. :x| dr:@ b;> :d! X:) ,':( #-o :-& O:8 \:D/ n; '; s;.. c' ;[ ]l d; qu;[ sw; :'( ~x( :8 x:) [-X :8) ,':| :-c :"> :> ;;) 8o| ;p Lol

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by yeti » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:04 am

Well done that man =D> =D> =D> =D> ...Mick ::g

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by deano69 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:19 am

Well deaerved glen ::g
Cheers Dean ::g ::g
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by cracker jack » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:31 am

Well deserved Glen, It was a pleasure meeting you and that Scottish beer was very nice.
HH cracker ::g ::g ::g ::g


Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by jesterjim » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:32 am

Well done Glen and a Happy New Year!.....a great read.....sorry I missed you at the dig but I'll be there next time!.....well done to Stephen too for putting it all together....

Jim. ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Fishermansam » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:32 am

Great read :D and Stephen, Well deserved ::g ::g ::g

Sam :;@

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by gavnsal » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:44 am

Well done Glenn for Forum member O.T.M. great read hopefully meet you again at 2013 forum dig .Happy new year ::g <:-P


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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by NeverWntd2Dance » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:17 pm

"the other thing about Dorota is that we totally respect each other and she is not just my business partner but by far she is my best friend too."

Aww so sweet hehe 98;

Great interview Stephen and a very interesting read Glen, well done guys ::g 98;
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Tekka » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:36 pm

Nice read Glenn. Liked the pics too ::g
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Gwawrer » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:05 pm

We already feel like we really know you and this just added the little missing bits. Great read :)
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Maximuswarks » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:48 pm

a good read well done Glen ::g about time you changed your weeks favorite music tho :))
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Dave8472 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:03 pm

Hi Glen, re the smiles, the file that Stephen got from you had the smiles imbedded as pictures and not BBCode, so they wouldn't post on the forum, he was going to add them all again manually but wanted to get the post up on the forum, sure we can get them re added ::g

We were also worried about smiles server overload :)) :P

Dave ';

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by GREGGOWREX » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:52 pm

Glen you are a worthy winner my friend have it all ...personality...charisma....flair are a gentleman thru and thru ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g ::g are a worthy winner without no doubt :D

any chance of a lift next year rl;
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by kopparberg » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:43 pm

hi great post really enjoyed it and it seems very well deserved would one day like to meet you .but as we are at other ends of the country that might not be poss ,would certainly like to try some of that beer. have a good 2013 .and keep swinging have a good one
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by jadeybabes » Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:48 am

::g Congrats and all the best o' Scottish to you both for 2013 <:-P
x ;'h
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Tomo » Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:16 am

Congrats glen. All the best mate
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by mcbain » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:25 pm

Congratulations Glen on member of the month, it was a pleasure to meet and chat at the forum dig and hopefully we will hook up again this year and maybe this time I will get a word in =)) =))

Well done on the interview Stephen ::g

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by muckyluck » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:54 pm

Well done Glen.
I love Beer too.. ::g =)) .. ;)

Daniel o' Beirnes
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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Daniel o' Beirnes » Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:26 pm

just in case some one never seen this post

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Re: Forum Member of the Month January 2013 Glenfiddich!

Post by Blackadder43 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:24 am

Well done ::g
Nice read..... ::g
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