Help with c scope cs6pi

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Help with c scope cs6pi

Post by mattylandrover » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:34 pm

Ive just bought a second hand c scope cs6pi of ebay and im not convinced its working properly . This is my first pulse induction machine and ive took it to the beach today and the first problem is when setting a threshold instead of getting a steady hummmmmm its very chattery and sounds unstable even when holding it stationary. The second problem is it completly ignores very small objects (a small brass fishing swivel) . I tried burying a pound coin and although i never measured the hole i would guess the maximum depth it was getting it was about 6inches . Has anyone had or got one of these machines to confirm that this isnt right . Many thanks Matt

andy fraggle
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Re: Help with c scope cs6pi

Post by andy fraggle » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:24 am

Hi Matt,

Are you testing your CS6Pi indoors??? These machines will appear to be unstable if near any electronics due to how they work. We can give your detector a once over if you want. If you contact our serive department by phone (01233 629181 and ask for Martin) or by email on [email protected] I am sure we can help you out. Please bear in mind that we stopped making the CS6Pi a long time ago so spares may be an issue.


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