Sovereign to Explorer, is it worth it?

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Sovereign to Explorer, is it worth it?

Post by Skute » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:16 pm

I've been using my Minelab Sovereign XS for the last 20 years without any problems. It consistently preforms well on any ground i try it on and i've been satisfied with it's depth and handling. In iron infested areas i just slow the swing speed right down and use the coil wobble technique to get good signals amongst the iron.
My machine has given me some great finds throughout it's life and basically i can't fault it.
However.....My minelab is 20 years old and technology hasn't stopped since i brought it.
Throughout most MD forums people have been praising the Deus and Etrac and even the Explorer for quite some time now and many YouTube vids testify to their effectiveness.
The Deus is undeniably a good machine as is the Etrac yet they are still priced quite high.
I see quite a few secondhand Explorers for sale and these are usually half price or lower compared to Deus's and Etrac's and there's shed loads of forum posts praising the Explorer to.
My question.
Has anyone gone from a Sovereign XS (probably doesn't make much difference which sovereign model) to an Explorer and found the Explorer better than the Sovereign in terms of depth, stability, speed and usability.
I understand an Explorer has more options and hence probably a steeper learning curve but once mastered is it better than a Sovereign machine?

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Re: Sovereign to Explorer, is it worth it?

Post by shotwell » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:54 pm

I made the move from the sovereign to the explorer II and found it just as deep
What i did find was that my finds rate increased ::g ::g

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Re: Sovereign to Explorer, is it worth it?

Post by phen58 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:47 pm

I went from a Sovereign Elite with the digital display to the Explorer 2 and that was a good move due to the less weight/better machine. Then I went to the Xterra 705 with the Nel Hunter coil and I never look back. This for me is a even better move, lighter/quicker/deeper. Using this machine its been gold, hammered and an axe head.
If I were you I would deffo go to the Xterra with the NEl, thats the route I would chose no question!
Just gotta get some land now thats the hard bit?

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Re: Sovereign to Explorer, is it worth it?

Post by Skute » Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:52 pm

I'm really more interested in multi toned detectors simply because i'm used to it and i prefer tone ID over meter ID. I don't like the idea of having to look at a screen to get an idea of target's so much easier just using my ears. This is the reason i was thinking Explorer over X-Terra.
I know the Explorers are heavier but i could always buy a harness to take care of the weight. However there's no doubt that the X-Terra 705 is a decent machine and coupled with a nel hunter only makes it better.

Want i really want to hear though is how much better an Explorer is compared to a Sovereign (if it is). Incidentally, i use a 10" tornado DD coil (stock coil from the sov GT) on my sov and on damp pasture land i can expect to be able to dig up hammered if it's laying flat at close to a spade heads depth. On the beach it's crazy deep....Pinpointing at depth can be tough sometimes though.

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