Xterra 705 New

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Xterra 705 New

Post by mrsmelly » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:41 pm

Evening all.
I have just returned after several years away from detecting ( no time ) I now have more time so I have kitted myself out again. My only experience was a few years with a Fisher cz5 which was brilliant but I sold it. Any way after much googling and looking at this forum I have bought a 705, it was a toss up between this and an at pro and to be honest the 705 now comes brand new at a shade under 400 quid so I bought one, its still in the box. I have purchased a pair of headphones from chef and a pointer thingy and some eneloop rechargeables hoping I have done alright with this kit :-O
I prefer coin finds usualy so in your opinions what way to go first time out? I dont want to dig everything and realise discrimination can lose some good finds but am I right in thinking if I keep hitting shotgun cartridges for instance this machine can ( Knock them out ) in case I am on a field thats been used for a lot of rough shooting?
Also I am going to a beach area for a week next month and hope this will be of some use. Yes I have been on You tube and google but I like the gen straight from the horses mouth so to speak so I am posting this.

Thanks all


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Re: Xterra 705 New

Post by rickyp123 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:46 pm

hi mate i use a deus now but have a 705 as well i think its a great machine very good for coin shooting i use mine on all metal and listen for the tones with practice this is best way i think do sone tests and listen for tones and look at numbers and you will soon crack it not found it very good on beach though to be honest but not saying it wont do the job to be fair i dont do much beach hunting GL&HH

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Re: Xterra 705 New

Post by phen58 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:13 pm

Hi Tim,
You have chosen a good machine with the 705, I really like mine and feel it gives me all I want to find good stuff IF it's there in the first place and of course if I walk over it!
I operate mine at full sensitivity, two tones (accept or reject) and all metal mode. This will take a bit of getting used to, but once you have it WILL do its job!
All the best and happy hunting!

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