ACE250 Upgraded to 9"x12" coil, Small review.

Any reviews related to Garrett search coils here.
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ACE250 Upgraded to 9"x12" coil, Small review.

Post by Doogman » Sat May 12, 2012 11:20 am

I decided to upgrade to the larger 9"x12" coil for my Ace 250 and thought i'd share my experience with it.

On first feeling it is a bit weightier than than the standard coil and i did feel the difference after 6 hours of detecting.
That's the only bad part of this review out of the way ::g

My first test was to go back over my garden lawn which i had previously cleared with the original coil and Ace and to my surprise there were a ton of new signals.
Most were modern coinage and scrap but i estimate it was around 30% of the total objects found on the lawn, so that was indeed a great improvement.
Next i went off for a day at the beach and the coil performed extremely well on there.
On wet sand useablility was greatly improved, i could run this coil on the wet sand with a sensitivity setting of 6 with just a little falsing here and there, setting it down to 5 cured this but 6 was very useable.
On dry sand it was on full sensitivity and i dug a silver sixpence at a foot down.

Worthy upgrade? Hell yes....totaly changed the Ace for the better and at a very reasonable price.

I'm now considering the larger Nel coil for field work when the penny jar allows it.

All in all a reccommended upgrade ::g

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