Nexus Standard MkII and recovery settings.

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Nexus Standard MkII and recovery settings.

Post by dobybowers »

I have been using the Nexus Standard MKII for a couple of months now and continue to be amazed at the deep recoveries I have made that simply have been left behind by my other machines.. My search method for deep recoveries have been pretty much unchanged for some time now.. searching in all metal mode for initial discovery, then investigating closer with short, slower sweeps to identify desired targets by LED bar observation only. I have been pulling coins, buttons and cartridges down to about a foot, which might not seem like a lot until you consider that my other relic machines fall silent in my ground for any coin sized objects deeper than about 7" !!

In theory, I know what the recovery speed switch is used for but I cannot for the life of me tell much of a difference at all between the 3 settings. I see a very slight increase in recovery speed between fast and slow but not significant enough that I would pay attention to and cannot tell any difference between the mid recovery setting and any other setting. Any other users out there seen much of a difference your machine? Where does the benefit of using a different recovery setting become apparent?

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Re: Nexus Standard MkII and recovery settings.

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Some very good feedback on the Mk11,must admit i am really liking my 2 machines i have a as new SE with the dual 9'' coil and the MP with the 13'',10'' and 7'' coil,i found the SE was the easier model too master.

If a mint condition Mk11 came along with the dual 9'' coil i could also be tempted to add one to my Nexus arsenal ::g
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Re: Nexus Standard MkII and recovery settings.

Post by Nexus »

The recovery settings on MkII have as a main purpose to slow down the detector's reactions to soil interference, which makes the recovery of very deep targets easier.
You will find a noticeable difference between the recovery settings of MkII mostly on small and very small targets, not so much on larger ones.

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