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Nexus Ultima

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:13 pm
by toni
Why is not a Nexus Ultima on YouTube?
If possible, please Whites TM 808 vs. Nexus Ultima.
Why not secon hand Nexus Ultima for sale?
If any, please let me know. Well thank you
Why not the treasure Nexus Ultima published at Filternozzle?
A secret weapon?

Re: Nexus Ultima

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 2:08 pm
by Filternozzle
Hi toni, OooO
My comments to your post:

With a dual 20" coil which measures approximately 36"x20" it's not the sort of machine the general hobbyist would use.

You know Nexus Ultima owners are very serious about their detecting, why would they spend time showing others the performance achievable with the Ultima? ;)

Nexus Ultima is in a league of its own - I am not aware of any detector capable of getting near it in terms of depth and discrimination, not even my GPX-5000 with its 24" Coiltek coil.

My own opinion is those owning a Nexus Ultima will only sell if they are giving up serious detecting.

Secret weapon?? An open secret to those who own the Ultima......... oO but you already know this... ::g

Re: Nexus Ultima

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:59 am
by toni
Please, help.
Several years ago, I read about a metal detector, probably a military mine detector. It was supposed to be capable of recognising old blacksmith iron from modern iron. I am looking for this detector but cannot find it online. Can anyone help? Thanks.
As I have mentioned before, I use Nexus Ultima mostly to search for buried non-ferrous metals. It saves time compared to other deep search detectors. With this detector, I know that I have found something lower down and that the item is not magnetic. What else is needed? Since I don’t like to dig for nothing, I tend to check the finding with a magnetometer. After all, mistakes are “permitted” as little as 10 centimetres deep even with a TOP coin detector. I have a cheap FX3 magnetometer and sometimes I need to help it by digging two spades deep so that the meter responds. Magnetometer no errors. If silence, is good 110%!
I don’t dig for iron but if I had a detector that recognises old iron from modern one, I would dig up a medieval iron depot.