First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

All discussion specific to the Cscope CS4PI Metal Detector.
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First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by ron1# » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:49 pm

Hi all, I am new to the hobby and have a cscope 4pi, I took it to Anglesey and to a beach near treaddur bay, small cove with good access from a small slipway, the beach showed rocky outcrops and golden sand.
I set the dials to the green areas as seen on the 4psi, however I kept getting false signals, and found rock under the sand some 6" down.
These false signals also happened whenever I touched the ground with the coil. when away from the rocks it got a bit better but still sounded when touching ground or most rocks, I also used my pin pointer, carrot look alike, and was getting sound of metal detected. Are the rocks around the trearddur bay metallic with ore ?
ps I did on each occasion let the coil rest on the sand to stabilise. the lifted it high off the ground the back to detecting

Or is it me doing it all wrong,
Any tips, about settings and detecting on rocky beaches covered in sand

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Re: First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by sweepstick47 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:22 pm

Hello Ron, You've just discovered one of the anomalies which can occur when detecting.
Take a look through the link provided below and the answer should be revealed.
I don't think you're doing anything wrong ::g

Good Luck - Regards ss47
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Re: First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by fred » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:24 pm

Many igneous rocks certainly give signals. I know how to deal with them with a Minelab but have no idea with a pulse. ::g
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Re: First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by Bors » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:16 am

Pulse detectors are good but there`s a steep learning curve to them Especially the high-end ones. You just need time to learn it if you can muster up the patience. Once it clicks with you, you`ll be fine, but you have to be prepared to learn it`s " language " first.
The Pulse is an ALL metal worker and picks up every metal signal around it. The " Art " to using the pulse is to learn to recognize the GOOD signals amongst the Multitude of signals and that's where the "Art" comes into it.
I had a PulseDec once, and for the first few months it drove me mad, but like I said if you persevere with it the penny will drop eventually. It's all down to whether you're prepared to give it the patience required.
Read the manual over and over and see if you can find any tuition on Youtube. ( just looked & there`s quite a few)

Something else you could try is to bury a few good targets. Go over them and listen to the sound of the Good target you just buried. Do it with different things such as Jewelry and coins. Tune your ear into the required target sound you need to dig. You inevitably WILL dig Iron too, but that's down to it being an ALL metal detector. Most Beach hunters using a Pulse detector accept the trade-off. Luckily on a beach, there `s not much Iron by the water's edge but will be by Piers in bits of flakey Iron or the nearer you get to man-made creations.
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Re: First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by Rivers rat » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:43 am

Hi did you reduce the dial on the right as well??

I did a session once In Cornwall with a PI an it was so windy the wind created 1000s of tiny wave/ripple where I was I could stabilize the machine.............I found the answer to my question only recently. Hot rocks can be pick up with PI but you need to focus on the deep signal and the faint ones...........

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Re: First time out with CS4pi detector-- what seemed like false signals

Post by Incognito » Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:42 am

The CS4PI is a good detector. The only drawbacks are that it is a tad heavy and does not ground balance ( limited discrimination being taken for granted with a PI).

The ground balance is not a problem usually except on very heavily mineralised with iron ground ( soil, not the rocks) , where the autotune is not fast enough to keep up with the effect of changing coil height. In that case you get a tone wherever you move the coil. That is not common and is not likely what is going on there. Lowering the frequency and steady height helps a bit for that circumstance.

Due to it being PI you don't have any discrimination, the trade off is you get a lot of depth and including in saltwater. The beaches have three main kinds of distraction (in summer more). Small bits of foil or iron etc. The CS4PI will pick those up easily and you just have to learn by experience to ignore them ( unless you are looking for very very small jewellery etc.) . You can also lower the frequency and that will avoid some ( and also some gold), or keep the coil a bit higher (say a couple of inch above ground) to help ( but you also lose that in depth). That is learning and is rewarding to figure out how it works, eventually it becomes second nature.

Then there is larger iron. With the CS4PI you have to rely on the weight (size) of the tone to get an idea of the object size and if it is possibly worth digging. Also iron often is slightly fuzzy. So like RR says try some known targets to get an idea of what sound is good, and be prepared to dig a lot of rubbish for a while till you are convinced you have a hold on what the signal is saying.

Finally there are hot/cold rocks, some "bounce" a sound, some are just dull sounding, and some sound very close to a good target. A bit of digging around ( beaches are relatively easy) and you'll only be digging rocks occasionally .

This is part of what PI detecting is, some people don't get on with it but I think most would if they took a bit of time to learn it - it is a bit slower but more immersive. When you eventually find something worthwhile it improves the sentiment a lot as well.

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