CS6MXI First Outing

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CS6MXI First Outing

Post by ALDFRITH » Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:06 pm

I received the 6MXI on Wednesday from Regton, set it up for hip mounting and did the usual depth & tone tests with various coins & artefacts. I would have loved to head straight to site but the nearest one available was an 80 mile round trip so I would to wait till Sunday morning. At 5.30am I was greeted by screeching alarm clock, so much for a lie in !, and by 6.00am I was on the road reaching the site an hour later. This farm specialises in Veg growing, although the most productive field had been put down to Spring Barley this year as too many years growing just Veg can lead to root rot developing. The only area available was a tractors width between a row of leeks and crop of Pumpkins, but at this time of year any land is a bonus. It was quite a large field and had produced some great finds including a hoard of 817 hammered silver coins (c1487), a Canute cut half penny and four Northumbrian Styca's, however the one thing this field is not is consistant, you can put in hours & still have a bag full of lead to show for your efforts. I started with the sensitivity at 5 and within seconds recovered the first piece of lead, as I kept walking more pieces were recovered, all fairly shallow so I turned the sensitivity to 8 with no chatter at all, (impressive !). In all I recovered 22 pieces of lead 3 buttons and an elongated tear drop shaped copper alloy object, this came from around 8 inches deep, on cleaning at home I found it was once gilded and has cross hatching around the top edge, it is probably a terminal from a purse bar and 14th/15th century. First impressions of the CS6MXI are very encouraging, however the real test will be when the Barley is harvested as this area is the sight of ploughed out manor house from the 12th Century and as consequence is heavily contaminated with iron. If the detector passes this test I will be purchasing the 6 inch accessory coil to get the best from the site. I will try to update as more land becomes available.

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Re: CS6MXI First Outing

Post by sponge » Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:11 pm

Hi Aldfrith,

Like you i am very impressed with my 6mxi.

I was a little unsure about it at first - but once familiar with the different tones its awsome !!!

Found i was finding more farthings & sixpences (ie small coins) as well as more hammered
coins than i had ever found before on my sites - (found a Henry 111 penny & a Lizzy halfgroat yesterday) - not very often i find two hammereds in a day !!!!

Plenty of iron on my field - but the distinctive low tone it gives meant that i dug very little -
just concentrated on digging the high tones.

Well worth the money for anyone considering buying one - thank you C Scope !!!!!!

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Re: CS6MXI First Outing

Post by JunkFinder » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:34 pm

Been using mine now for a few months. A couple of things that stand out about this machine are its ability to find the smallest bits of metal :-O I mean ive found lead airgun pellets at depth x; The other thing which supprised me is the accuracy in which you can pinpoint stuff. I dont bother with the pinpoint switch. Just do a quick x and its spot on! almost every time.
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Re: CS6MXI First Outing

Post by Stratman » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:13 pm

Great and informative write up ALDFRITH ::g Looking forward to seeing your finds when you get a proper session on that field!

See you have an Arado 130, fantastic machine and if used well can really produce! Still have mine (and 120B)

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