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MDF Sponsors 2019

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MDF Sponsors 2019

Post by mrix »

Hello all, This year our MDF Sponsors are XP, Quest, RUTUS and Cscope ::g
We only ever allow enough sponsors which is 4 per year to help pay for our dedicated server which the MDF Software resides on.

Huge thanks to these sponsors who are supporting us throughout 2019 ::g B-)
Thanks all

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Post by JBM »

Many thanks to our sponsors which does not go unnoticed. ::g


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Post by Hollander54 »

Well said Jerry,great forum and always busy.Ten out of ten to the organisers.

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Post by cantona1 »

Thanks to the sponsors and Mrix in particular ::g

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Post by Macroman »

Hi Mr Rix....just wanted to thank all of the sponcers...and also all those who contribute and keep this great forum the fantastic success that's it is... Brilliant !!
Even as a "retired"detectorist I still find this forum the best !!!...well done.and as usual...good hunting.👍

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Post by Roughwood »

Totally agree, and nice to hear from you Macroman!

All the best ::g
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Post by Paul23 »

I wish to thank not only the sponsors, but also everyone who helps run this web site. It takes time and dedication to moderate and ensure the site is kept running. Also to all of those out there contributing to it, extending our knowledge, and making friends also.
A pat on the back 👍 You have my vote as the best site on the web. Long may it continue.

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Post by beaubrummell »

Ditto re all of the above. ::g ::g ::g
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Post by mrix »

Thanks for the positive replies all, very much appreciated ::g

Lets not forget and send a huge thanks out to the present and past Moderators who put in so much of their own personal time behind the scenes keeping the resource running smoothly, friendly and efficiently :-O

If I am to be totally honest they all put in far more time than I do on a daily basis, so any thanks please direct at these kind peeps, its actually them who have actually kept the MDF remaining the popular place it is ::g without them it would of folded years ago.

Finally not forgetting the quality supportive long term loyal members we have here which over time have almost become like part of the furnisher :)) ::g

Huge thanks to everyone OooO


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