MDF Text / Voice Chat System Available *Link updated*

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MDF Text / Voice Chat System Available *Link updated*

Post by mrix »

Hello all, after all the uncertainty, worries and concerns with this dreaded virus and with more and more people especially MDF members having the need to self isolate We thought it maybe a good idea to setup a live Text / Voice Chat system, once entering the system you can simply text to members and if you have a mic system on your device and want to voice chat you can ::g

The idea was put across in our Lounge system and will be mainly for general none metal detecting chat as we still would like to see any metal detecting related questions posted here at the forum etc ::g

To check the system out you simply need to click this link below where your browser will auto connect you to the chat / voice server, all you will need to do is add your MDF Username.

We can fully understand this is not something too many of you would be interested in but for the curious and those who would find something like this useful the link is below.....

All we ask is that you respect it and try and keep chat friendly and keep within reasonable discussion ::g
There is no cost and is totally Free!

Thanks all

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Re: MDF Text / Voice Chat System Available

Post by Blackadder43 »

One last cheeky bump here

Some will have noticed the new "widget" under the blue panel over there

Anyways, some things about it incase you are not sure about it.
When you look it is a live representation of who is in the room currently

Its just like a room really, where you can live talk through your mic, or write text in the scrolling chat bar, or you can just come in, make a brew and read what others are saying.

You do not have to speak if you dont want to, honest
You dont if you dont want to type anything either, its not mandatory
You can just sit and read what others say

We just thought with people being couped up in their houses, that it might be an idea to host somewhere where people with the same interest can have a group natter

All we ask is you sign up with your forum name, its free and no download required (i have been using Discord for years with my gaming)
Stay friendly and just chew the cudd as we say in zummerzet
When you are right no one remembers; when you are wrong no one forgets

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Re: MDF Text / Voice Chat System Available

Post by thefiggis »

Blackadder43 wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:37 pm
Some will have noticed the new "widget" under the blue panel over there
I didn't rl;
Essential equipment:
Some sort of electrical gubbins(I'm told it's a Deus). In various colours

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