1265x i am interested in improving performance

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1265x i am interested in improving performance

Post by Skintagain »

Ive had 2 1266x and they went deep with the spider coils. Sold them over time when needed the cash!

Now brought a 1265x with old style white disc coils but it only goes a 3 inches on air tests rather than the 6 inches plus the 1266 will do. Tried the 10inch disc which gave better coverage but no gain in depth.

Anyone tried the later 10.5 inch spider coils on these older 1265x and noted gains in depth?

The web says the 1265 should go as deep as the 1266 and seen youtube videos showing the same on spiders.

So wondering whether to upgrade but it could just do the same.

Noted the old coils bounce a false signal occasionally after you have swung by a target.

Seem to see it on the edge OR the circuit is slow to react.


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Re: 1265x i am interested in improving performance

Post by Bors »

The white solid coil are still Concentric even though they look like a DD . The X series only take Concentric coils .
You should still get in the right conditions 12"+ on 1265x or the 1266x as both were known for their depth but they love Iron as the Discrimination depth wasn`t that deep and so everything over a certain depth will sound the same monotone as once you get out of discrim territory, and you go into all-metal territory.
Not 100% sure as its years since I had either,but I think they're both 4 kHz frequency.
I think it has to be recognised they're into the Geriatrics dept of metal detectors these days and why feed the Old guys steroids for breakfast when all they probably just want to do is put their feet up and watch the tele ? :D
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Re: 1265x i am interested in improving performance

Post by Koala »

yep both coils should be very similar

somethings wrong.

the max sensitivity switch works opposite between the 1265x and 1266x

for max on the 1265x you have to pull the sensitivity knob out. Turned right up there should be a slight crackle like static electricity

is to the same in all metal mode

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