Fisher 1265x circuit hacks?

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Fisher 1265x circuit hacks?

Post by Skintagain »

Anyone hacked their 12XXX

Whilst reading an old MD magazine a designer wrote in saying the reason detectors did not detect too deep was due to design. The fact detectors emit radio frequencies means they could interfere with other stuff locally. So were not allowed to emit powerful radio waves.

Got me thinking! So you can go deeper but may interfere with someones home radio or TV maybe.

Anyone got a 1265x schematic? Quite fancy improving its depth. Hopefully not interfering with local police radio.

Guess it involves improving the voltage to the coil and circuit.

My 1265 uses Cmos ics. so voltage could be improved.

On my 1266 I used to bypass the battery packs and have 2 hip mounted 6v lantern batteries. They lasted a lot longer the the AA and gave full power at all times. I cant remember though if I ran them at 12v into the 1266 or 6volts.

Just tried upping the AA packs in my 1265 from 6v to 9volt but made no difference to air test depth.
Obviously running components at higher voltage will shorten their lives.


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Re: Fisher 1265x circuit hacks?

Post by Fusion »

A waste of time.
Firstly, they hardly transmit anything, so FCC / EC etc government regulations are not applicable to the intentional radiation from the coil.
Depth of a detector is mostly determined by the ground signal, and the ability of the circuitry to seperate ground signal from target signal. If you made the detector use, say, double the voltage on the transmit coil, you would get back double the target signal, and double the ground signal, so you would gain nothing, except perhaps if you had electrical interference problems ( cellphones, overhead power lines, electric animal fences etc )

Take a look on the Geotech1 technical Forum, I recall reading about some internal changes that gave some worthwhile improvements ... probably slight changes to filter frequencies, to aid seperation of Ground from target signal.
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Re: Fisher 1265x circuit hacks?

Post by Koala »

Nothing to be grained.

I use the same detector. One of the deepest on fluffy dry conditions. Just watch how much discrimination you are using. In the real ground not air test the depth is greatly reduced by using too much

Should easy pick up a predecimal penny at 10" in the ground with normal in the field settings. Same as the T2. Of cause you can crank up the setting and get a bit more for a YouTube video.

Infact search on YouTube for 1265x and test garden might be ,1266x to just his well they still stack up

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