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Bournemouth to Boscombe with the Quest Q40

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:41 pm
by cussler
Hi when to Bournemouth for a few days took the Quest Q40 with me ,on the second day went on a
detecting walk from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier about three miles as the crow flys. Quest was very happy on the beach set in jewellery mode and grown balanced ,only thing altered was sensitivity turned down to 75 ,just goes to show its the beach your on, Bridlington beach is very chirpy until sensitivity turned down to 60, Scarborough beach sensitivity 56, Hornsea beach its not usable even down at 30 mind you I used to have a PI and at Hornsea it was very unhappy, to much silica black sand there. Anyway back to the walk a lot of finds near Bournemouth Pier as you walked away less and less as you would expect,but as you neared Boscombe Pier started getting more finds. Got very good at judging bottle tops, first a nice quite high pitched single followed a slit second later with a burping sound Not a bad day £8.86 in spending money,a two euro,a Mexican one dollar,a ladies silver toe ring (I think) and a small 9ct gold locket ,yes the Quest Q40 more than holds its own on the beach,but don't take it to Hornsea.

Best Cussler