Summer on the Beach with the Q40, Settings

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Summer on the Beach with the Q40, Settings

Post by cussler » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:15 pm

Hi well at last my permissions inland are at last becoming usable again being ploughed and some rolled, however I have been taking the Quest Q40 to the beaches on holidays and visiting friends ,now we all know by now to take the “optimized salt water performance” beach mode with a large pinch of salt (at least in this country) that's not to knock the Q40 its a very good very light detector which puts many to shame at any price, its just that the manufacture sadly do not seem to know how to set it up for a British beach. I said in a earlier post why don't all the Quest users start a data base for the beach based on there findings on the beaches they visited so here mine for what it worth, all my use on beaches is with the small Blade coil set on jewellery mode and ground balance on a metal clear bit of beach (just listen for a area with no sound or singles) then alter the sensitivity to to suit the beach i.e. to chirpy turn it down a wee bit here we go:-

Bridlington sensitivity 60
Scarborough sensitivity 56
Hornsea not usable not even with sensitivity at 30 just to much silica black sand there
Bournemouth 75
Boscombe 75
Great Yarmouth 72
Tolcarne beach Newquay 76
Fistral beach Newquay 72
Porth beach Newquay 74

Seems to be a patten emerging the further south the cleaner the beaches and the higher you can turn the sensitivity up
Not a bad summer on the beach for me £47.68 in spending money,a two euro,a Mexican one dollar,a ladies silver toe ring (I think), five toy cars, old 1948 sixpence ,a three pence bit and a small 9ct gold locket ,yes the Quest Q40 more than holds its own on the beach,but don't take it to Hornsea.

Best Cussler

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Re: Summer on the Beach with the Q40, Settings

Post by Resurgam » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:49 pm

Well detected and well posted sport.

What's afoot with the Quest owner group on here these days? I have been out of detecting for quite a few months and my Q40 along with both coils and my Safari, along with it's four coils, have been gathering dust in the office whilst I have been wrestling with a multitude of problems that fate has thrown at me.

Planning on dusting off the Q40 and zipping down to Talacre this Wednesday I decided to drop in here and see how other owners are progressing with their machines and was surprised to se a number of requests for advice going totally unanswered. :-/

Chris ::g
Garrett ProPointer + MineLab Safari + Quest Q40, and loads of determination.

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