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Garrett Ace 300i settings

Garrett Ace 300i Metal detector Topics Only.
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Garrett Ace 300i settings

Post by khampson »

Hi I just got a Garrett 300i metal detector for my birthday, I am totally new to the hobby, what settings am I best using?

Thank you

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Post by Saffron »

As with all machines there is no single setting that suits all situations. If there was all machines would come set up with it and there would be no need for all the options to change things around!.

The best settings for you will largely depends on ground conditions and the amount of trash / mineralisation and will vary from one field (or beach) to another.

If you have not done so read the manual, then read it again and again. Might sound silly but after reading it 3 times it will all make a lot more sense and you will remember the information when out in the field; where as a single read will not make so much sense and by the time you are out in the field detecting you will not remember it all.

Have a look at this official Garrett page for the 300i, and watch the video (when I started I learnt a lot from the pages for my 250) ... in_en.aspx


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Post by hreed »

Good advice above reading the manual back to front a few times is always the best start. Settings will comes down the where you are using your machine like sand, soil, ground conditions and how much trash is in the area. I find searching youtube very useful try and find people using the same model (preferably UK videos) and see what works for them. Another very useful tip although can seem abit boring is dig a few holes at different depths and bury a few things gold, silver, iron nail, bottle cap, coins, ect you will soon learn how tones, target id's and setting work on different targets at different depths.

The main thing is to get out there and see what works for you from trial and error. Sittings will always come down to personal preference.
Practice makes perfect as they say ::g

You might find this video useful " onclick=";return false;

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