Garrett Ace 400i Settings

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Garrett Ace 400i Settings

Post by deputyduke »

Hi folks

Can someone please advise me of the best settings for the following

Beach Dry Sand =

Beach Wet Sand =

Beach Pebbles / Shingle =

Field Dry =

Field Wet =

I am new to all this using a Garrett Ace 400i with stock coil

I'm basically searching for anything metal (apart from ring pulls and cans and nails and screws) :)

Also is it legal to search local forests?

I signed up today to the Nmdc :D so hopefully that should be me covered for insurance

I have not yet approached any farmers for permissions on their fields

Many thanks


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Re: Garrett Ace 400i Settings

Post by mrcheeky »

Hello mate sorry for the lack of replys. i had the same issue mate theres some great vids on youtube have a look .it worked for me when i went southend .good luck mate
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Re: Garrett Ace 400i Settings

Post by Dave The Slave »

Also missed your post, don`t tend to be on here between 7pm and 1pm.
Firstly all inland sites you will require the owners permission, including, woods, forests , open wasteland etc.
Beaches you will need to check they are not privately owned, or Councils that have banned beach detecting, the Crown Estates coastline maps are useful to check.
400i settings, have been using this machine for 2 years.
Dry inland, Custom, Discrim below 60, 2 off max sensitivity, iron Audio off, these are the same settings I use on the dry sand at the beach.
Inland wet, should be as above unless detecting in wet grass, where you will need to possibly knock another bar off Sensitivity.
Wet sand, have found not useable on, believe there is a you tube of someone using it on the wet but unable to view and therefore do not know what their settings were and as far as I know, none have ever been posted on this Forum.
Pebbles, depends on whether they get covered by normal tides, if they are tidal on a daily basis, could be the same as wet sand with falsing.
If they are only covered by big Winter tides, could be ok.
Ring pulls will come in the 70`s the same as some coins.
Coins have come in between 62 and 93 and all metals will be found between these numbers.
Iron , nails etc normally below 60.
Hopefully this is of help.
Good Luck ::g
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Re: Garrett Ace 400i Settings

Post by DingDong »

thought I had replied, must have done it wrong, on youtube find Geoff BleepingMad he has a number of vids on beach wet sand with a 400i

and more

also think there are some on Addictedtobleeps..

ding dong

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