Beach detecting - settings?

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Beach detecting - settings?

Post by LloydF »

So dry sand you can pretty much run your normal settings?

I've seen the video on set-up for wet sand. Essentially, discriminate below 70/80, reduce sensitivity until falsing stops, my question is, if you discrimate below 80, are you drastically reducing your chances of finding gold? And, am I right in thinking that most of the falsing on wet sand would be in the 50-70 range?

Going for my first beach hunt next week, interested in any tips if you use your 400i on the beach?

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Dave The Slave
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Re: Beach detecting - settings?

Post by Dave The Slave »

Have always used the 400i on discrim below 60, inland and dry sand. Wet sand will false at 60+.
Not found any Gold but coins will come in at mainly 70-85.
Silvers at 92-93, Pre dec 6d at 62.
Sensitivity 2 bars off Max, Custom Setting.
Believe the chances of finding Gold are minute, so stick to the above on dry.
Cheers, ::g
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