Viking v6

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Viking v6

Post by Barbossa76 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:02 pm

Hello just got back into this amazing treasure hunting hobby, had minelab xs2 eurotek pro ace 150
C scope vlf 750 or something like that, whites coinmaster (great with nel tornado on) viking v5 and 6 now ace 250 with 9×12 on which has been great, apart from ace 250 all other machines sold, not because they were no good because of money probs, ive got the ace 250 as main but im thinking of
Getting another viking v6 as back up, because ive been watching ged dodds you tube videos and he reckons if you listen ti the tiny whispers you can get 8/9" on coin with a £104 Machine, so im going to experiment and buy it, i did have it before but jumped straight to a expensive one, so im looking forward to posting finds on this machine, the ace has already proved itself

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