Viking VK40

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Viking VK40

Post by detector123 »

Hi is anyone out there using a viking vk40?
Am new to the hobby and have trawled through loads of reviews etc and narrowed down 3 or 4 metal detectors to my liking and within my budget.
The Viking VK40 seems to '' rock my boat'' but would love to hear from someone who actually uses one.


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Re: Viking VK40

Post by 19adrian68 »

Unbelievably slow recovery speed from what I have read what is your budget I am sure some body will offer better options.
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Re: Viking VK40

Post by Shufly »

In three words, "DONT BOTHER rubbish" your much better off putting the bit extra to it and buying a second hand Ace 250 or C Sope 3mx,,, believe me I kid you not,.. ya may as well walk round with a magnet on a string as the V40,, ..

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Re: Viking VK40

Post by onlyonegazza »

i have a vk3o it's light ,and straight forward to learn about detecting on, also it picks things up quite deep .
it's great fun on dry sand but not much cop on the wet stuff.
i think things are very complicated to learn on the newer stuff ,but if i was pushed i would advise you to save up a bit more money and just buy a good one to start with ie"minelab quattro, safari,or the other makes mentioned before"
i bought a used quattro this last month,it's hard to get used to, but when you suddenly get the hang of using it"it's miles ahead in performance,depth,id of finds and great on wet sand"
but for pure fun detecting the viking would be my first pick always,very underestimated machine.

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Re: Viking VK40

Post by silversurfer »

Have a VK 10 as a backup detector - light enough for young lad to use robust and simple - like it. Got it for a great price - still finds stuff...

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Re: Viking VK40

Post by whitneyhouston2475 »

Contrary to some other replies I have a VK40 & have found it a very good detector especially for beginners. It has beren very good at discriminating between metals & is extremely easy to use. Agreed I don't think that the beach mode is all it's cracked up to be but I normally just uses it in all metal mode then & have found it very reliable. Thats my opinion anyway.
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Re: Viking VK40

Post by ruzz69 »

The VK40 was the first detector I used when I started detecting 7 years ago. It is a very good machine for the price if you can pick one up secondhand ( about £120 - £150). I found loads with it but there are problems with the coils failing. I went through 3 and my mate is on his 3rd. I still have it as back up but moved on to a Quattro ( which are fantastic but heavy) and now a Deus, which is the best machine out there in my opinion.

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