Viking V6

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Viking V6

Post by Leigh »

When I bought my First "Real" metal detector it was an Ace 250 which I bought because of its hype and rave reviews.
But when i was looking into buying it I also considered The Viking V6 and i am glad i did.
I bought one as a back up detector.
The Viking is an affordable Non motion discrimination detector which is easy and light to use.
It is considerably lighter than the ace and far kinder on the ears too.
I have used both ace and viking in the same spots on the same days and i have found more with the viking, BUT and it is a big one, you will dig more rubbing because the discrimination is a simple knob you turn and you will have to learn the machine to identify the good from the bad.
I actually left feed dack at regtons about my opinion of the viking against the ace on the beach this is what they said.
:Thank you for your feedback, the Viking is a non-motion (older technology) machine that will indeed work better on salt wet beaches better than most motion (later technology) machines, you should be able to still use the Ace on dried out wet sand just by backing off the sensitivity a little. Motion machines will give better detection granges and easier operation everywhere except the salt wet sand.
In my opinion a great starter machine and good value for money :D
And it's British. :D
Maybe i'm just a non motion kind of guy but i know which i prefer.
Just my opinion.
Ged has a V6 check out his Channel on youtube. peaceheavens
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Re: Viking V6

Post by Allectus »

Hello Leigh, non-motion machines still have their place in detecting today imo.
Especially good in those tight scrubby/wooded areas where a motion machine is next to useless due to the lack of 'swinging' room.....Also come into their own when searching ditches/small streams etc.

Be lucky

A ;)

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